2017 A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

New A levels in mathematics will be taught from September 2017. These are designed to follow on from the new mathematics GCSE which will be first examined in Summer 2017. So while there are changes in content and emphasis these should be read in this context.

For more information about the changes please see the following pages:

How will the FMSP support you?

The FMSP has produced summaries and guides to help teachers prepare for the introduction of the new A levels. Further details of support materials and resources are on the 2017 A levels - Support/Guidance page.

Information and advice is available in the form of FAQs about the changes. These will be updated as more information becomes available. If you cannot find an answer to your query then contact your FMSP Area Coordinator or the FMSP Admin team.

The FMSP provides a range of teacher support, including a series of free one-day events helping teachers in preparing for the linear A levels, teacher subject knowledge CPD and teacher network meetings. Further information about the FMSP teacher support for 2017 is on the 2017 CPD page.

Reference documents


You can find out more about the awarding organisations’ specifications and the support they intend to provide at the links below:

Eduqas has confirmed that they do not intend to develop new mathematics AS/A level specifications.