2017 A level Mathematics: Professional Development

The FMSP will be providing a range of professional development courses and events to support teachers preparing for and teaching the new linear specifications

Preparing to teach the linear A levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics courses

The FMSP is providing a national programme of free one-day courses on planning and preparing for the new A levels. These days cover:

  • the big ideas and themes that run through the new specifications such as problem solving and use of technology
  • how to plan a scheme of work for a linear A Level, including consideration of dependencies and prior knowledge
  • ways to teach Further Mathematics alongside the A Level Mathematics
  • conducting a departmental skills audit and deciding on CPD priorities
  • finding the best resources and support for teaching the new specifications
  • Details of the dates and venues of these event are given below. We advise all Heads of Department or Key Stage 5 Coordinator to attend one of these courses.

    Developing subject knowledge

    Your FMSP Area Coordinator organises local A level subject knowledge courses for Mathematics and Further Mathematics content. These will continue to ensure that teachers are prepared for teaching the content in the new A levels.

    Details of CPD events and Teacher Network meetings focusing on the new A levels are given in the table below. Details of all events taking place in your area can be found on the relevant regional page together with the contact details of your local FMSP Area Coordinator.

    Live online professional development

    If you are unable to attend a course in your region, the innovative Live Online Professional Development programme offers courses to address the subject knowledge needs of your department.

    Extended courses

    The FMSP offers a range of extended professional development courses which are designed to develop subject knowledge and classroom practice.

    • Teaching Mechanics (TM) has been developed with the new A level specifications in mind. TM1 covers the compulsory mechanics content in A level Mathematics and TM2 covers topics in Further Mathematics.
    • Teaching Statistics (TS) includes the use of large data sets, hypothesis testing and use of technology. TS1 covers the compulsory statistics content in A level Mathematics and TS2 covers topics in Further Mathematics.
    • Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM) , from 2017, will cover all of the compulsory Pure Mathematics content for the new AS level and A level Further Mathematics specifications.
    • Teaching Advanced Mathematics (TAM) , from 2017, will cover the all of the compulsory Pure Mathematics content for the new A level Mathematics specifications.

    Other Professional Development

    MEI is planning a programme of CPD courses. Each course is appropriate for teaching any of the new AS/A level Mathematics specifications.

    At the end of June 2018, the MEI Conference has a particular focus on the new A levels. In addition to sessions on various aspects of the changes, there will be plenty of opportunities to talk through any concerns with fellow teachers, FMSP and MEI staff.

    Teacher Events about the 2017 A levels

    Type of event Title Description Venue Region Start date Info file
    Teacher NetworkStatistics in the new A-Level. Keele Maths Teacher Network.The meeting will be of interest to any KS5 teacher, particularly those who may be unfamiliar with the statistics topics in the 2017 A level specification. The two-hour session, led by Paul Chillingworth, will suggest activities that could be used in the classroom to introduce the statistical content to students, with attention given to the large data set.Keele UniversityWM26/03/2018Info
    CPD A Level and FMUsing Technology in the 2017 Statistics ClassroomThis course is designed to support teachers in using technology to enhance their teaching of the Statistics element of A level Mathematics and will include a look at practical activities that explore the Large Data Sets. Please refer to the flyer for more details, including a link to registration.University of WarwickWM16/04/2018Info
    KS5 NetworkSupporting the 2017 A LevelsUniversity of ManchesterNW02/05/2018
    Teacher NetworkRedbridge Teachers NetworkMechanics is now compulsory within the 2017 A Level specification. This network is OPEN TO ALL TEACHERS and will consider how Mechanics can be brought alive through the use of easy practicals, without the need for expensive kit. There will also be the opportunity to share activities that have worked for you. Come with one activity, leave with many!Valentines High SchoolLondon03/05/2018Info
    CPD A Level and FMIntroduction to Discrete MathsThis course assumes no prior knowledge of Discrete/Decision Maths, and is ideal if you are teaching it for the first time or looking to have a refresh. This course is suitable for the new (2017) Further Mathematics specifications. This course is not appropriate if you have lots of experience of teaching Discrete/Decision Maths.Central London (TBC)London05/07/2018Info
    CPD A Level and FMDecision/Discrete for A Level Further MathematicsThis course assumes knowledge of graph theory, algorithms on networks and (graphical) linear programming. We will be covering the Simplex Algorithm which is common to all the 2017 A Level specifications. We will aim to tailor the rest of the day to support teachers depending on their exam boards/units and level of experience.Central London (TBC)London12/07/2018Info