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Before you start:

You will need:

Step 1: Filter the components

In the 'Filter' area you may add/remove specification components from the planner by clicking the 'X' or '+' to remove/add them respectively.

Step 2: Choose your topic

Select the topic you wish to add to your planner timeline by clicking on it in your topic table. The list of skills within that topic appear in the dark grey box at the bottom left of the page. The topic skills appear with their associated prerequisite and dependent skills displayed in red or green respectively. Hovering over a topic in the component list or the timeline will allow you to see which component it is part of (the colour coding also gives a guide to this).

You may click on any of the skills being displayed to get further information if available. This detail will appear inside the light grey box in the bottom right of the page.

Step 3: Place in timeline

Place your selected topic in the timeline by clicking a blank white block in the desired section. The order of the topics can be changed by dragging and dropping items within the timelines to a new position.

In principle, topics that become highlighted in red should appear before (above) the selected topic when looking at your custom listing with those in green appearing after (below).

Don’t forget to give each of your required timelines a name e.g. Mr Jackson, Mrs Knowles, Y12ASFM, etc.


In the top right you will see buttons allowing you to restore/save/export and add or remove rows and columns in your plan.

Restore Plan: The 'Restore Plan' button will reveal a form where you can insert and apply a previously saved 'Restore Key'. Open a new planner in your browser and before making any changes, paste you plan key into the form and click the 'Restore' button to populate the planner with your previous selections and placements.

Save/Export Plan: The 'Export Plan' button reveals the option to save a 'Restore Key' which can be inserted as described above to configure the planner to the current state at the point of retrieving the key.
There is also the option to save your plan to file (.CSV) which can be imported to a spreadsheet*. The spreadsheet automatically includes the previously mentioned restore key in the first cell. This spreadsheet can then be edited further as required.

*When you have opened your plan in a spreadsheet, you may need to click on a cell to show the full content for that topic.