FMSP Wales Registration

Please note that from May 2018 there is a transition period from the FMSP to the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). (The FMSP registration below will only remain open for schools in Wales.)

Stay informed about the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP)

If you wish to receive updates and information on services of the AMSP, then please complete this stay informed request.

Registration for FMSP Wales

To register with FMSP Wales please use the appropriate form:

Benefits of registering with the FMSP

Registered schools and colleges receive a free teacher account for the extensive Integral online resources to support the teaching and learning of Further Mathematics, including:

  • materials for Further Mathematics and all applied A level modules for the legacy qualifications;
  • materials for Further Mathematics and the mechanics and statistics elements of the new 2017 qualifications;
  • enrichment materials for A level and GCSE mathematics students.

You will also be invited to participate in study days, student enrichment activities and professional development organised by the FMSP. Schools and colleges that register will also have the opportunity to use the tutoring facilities of the FMSP.