Further Mathematics Support Programme in Wales

The Teaching Statistics Trust Lecture 2019

Our principal speaker is Neil Sheldon, Chair of the Teaching Statistics Trust

  • We need to talk about statistics
  • The Purpose of statistics is insight not numbers
  • There will also be a supporting lecture by Dominic Oakes, FMSPW resources and research coordinator

  • Visualising Statistics
  • Technology in the Cycle of Enquiry
  • and time for discussion and refreshments

    The lectures will take place 18:00 - 21:00 at:

  • Bangor University 21st November 2019
  • Cardiff University 2nd December 2019

    To book a place please email [email protected]

    Press Release - One-day conference for Mathematics teachers

    Innovation and Creativity in Mathematics Teaching

    12th July 2019 – Cardiff Metropolitan University

    The Further Mathematics Support Programme Wales' first FMSPW teacher conference held on 12th July 2019 in Cardiff Metropolitan University was a success with over 90 participants attending from schools and colleges and educational consortia across Wales.

    Practical teacher workshops held in parallel covered A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics teaching, creative approaches to mathematics 11+ classrooms and technology enhanced teaching. There were 22 workshops available and attendees were able to choose 5 sessions throughout the day. Alongside teachers from schools and colleges across Wales and the FMSPW team, academic colleagues from Johannes Kepler University (Austria) Linz STEAM education centre presented at the conference sharing international experience. The keynote address ‘Inspiring Learners and Teachers through Technology-enhanced STEM Learning Activities’ was given by Emeritus Professor Adrian Oldknow, and the closing address, ‘Mathematics: The 4 Purposes and Technology’ by Dr Sofya Lyakhova of FMSPW.

    Feedback from the event showed that the teachers especially valued opportunities to learn new techniques, new mathematics and practical resources they could take into the classroom and include in the new curriculum development:

  • “Will have a positive impact as it will help to drive change.”
  • “Gwella dealltwriaeth yn gyffredinol. Mwy o syniadau ar gyfer y curriculum.”
  • “Thought provoking, creative, innovative, inspiring and some really useful practical ideas”.
  • “Hypothesis testing – this session was interactive, delivered extremely well and showed exactly how it could be used in the classroom – loved it!”
  • “Thinking of using different teaching methods, especially silent videos.”
  • “I will definitely be trialling flipped classroom approach with my Year 12s.”

    The conference included sessions on:

  • A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics teaching, topics and resources
  • Modelling
  • The Flipped Classroom Approach
  • Geogebra and other visualisation software
  • Utilising technology in mathematics teaching
  • Games & Gamification
  • Art and Mathematics

    Education Minister, Kirsty Williams

    "Maths is a key skill for life and highly valued by employers. That’s why we’re embedding Mathematics and Numeracy as one of the key Areas of Learning and Experience in the new curriculum, and continuing to invest in the Further Maths Support programme. “I was pleased to hear that the first Teacher Conference was such a success and was so well attended by teachers from across Wales. “It is recognised that an A/AS level in Further Mathematics enables students to be better prepared for studying Mathematics in their first year at university and opens doors to well paid, high value STEM careers. I hope this event will encourage teachers to inspire their students to attain these levels by continuing studying Maths beyond GCSE level.”

    Dominic Oakes, Resources and Research Coordinator for FMSPW said :

    "This year FMSPW ran a small scale teacher action research (AR) project investigating the Flipped Classroom Approach (FCA) in A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics teaching. The project has demonstrated the value of the FCA and a number of sessions at the Conference presented this work. The feedback from the conference was very pleasing with the flipped classroom being the most popular answer to the question about what immediate impact the conference would make on the participants’ practice. At the conference, teachers were given a chance to sign up to take part in networking AR projects next academic year. We look forward to expanding the Flipped Classroom AR to more schools next year and commencing new innovative projects based on teachers’ expressed interests .”

    Sofya Lyakhova, the programme lead for FMSPW said :

    " Technology plays an essential part in our FMSP teaching where the student experience is essentially “flipped” with students doing introductory work with the help of technology and more difficult work with the teacher. But technology is also crucial for allowing us to cross interdisciplinary boundaries, establish connections between topics but also to applications of mathematics and real-life situations. These are especially important in view of the current curriculum reform .”

    Register with the FMSP Wales

    Schools and Colleges can submit an online request to register with the Further Mathematics Support Programme. It is free to do so and there are many benefits.

    Register now

    FMSP Wales

    The Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) Wales is a Welsh Government funded initiative. It is managed by the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS), a collaborative partnership of the universities of Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Swansea and the University of South Wales, and is supported by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI).

    Our main aim is to provide Further Mathematics GCE AS/A2 level tuition for all English and Welsh awarding bodies to students who cannot access Further Mathematics through their local 11-18 schools or colleges in Wales.

    For more information about FMSP Wales please see our leaflet.

    Why Study Further Maths?

    The following video is by a former Further Maths student Laasya Shekaran. She completed her A Level in Further Maths in 2014 and went on to study Maths at Warwick University, she previously attended Olchfa Comprehensive School in Swansea.

    Year 11 Conference

    "I’ve learnt that Maths has a lot more applications than I originally thought and is a great career option" Student Aberystwyth - September 2018

    Further Maths A Level

    “I really enjoyed the course and I would definitely recommend Further Maths to anyone who is interested in maths. Without Further Maths it is very unlikely that I would have received an offer from Cambridge University” - Anna Clancy – Student from Ysgol Maesydderwen – Jan 2014

    MAT Summer School

    “I have learned new ways to approach questions to find solutions. I now feel more confident in maths and have learnt more. I would have been a lot more worried about the MAT had the summer school not been available ” Swansea University – Summer 2018

    Revision day

    “ Thank you so much! This was a brilliant session to prepare for M2 with a brilliant teacher. Thank you for covering everything! ” – Student from Bangor – June 2018

    All schools and colleges

    All schools and colleges are invited to register with the FMSP Wales to obtain free single user teacher access to the Integral Further Maths resources offered by MEI, which cover five Further Mathematics specifications (AQA, Edexcel, MEI, OCR and WJEC). They include all of the AS/A level Further Pure modules and almost all of the AS/A level Applied Mathematics modules for the English specifications. The Further Mathematics resources support FM1, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5 and FM6 modules of the WJEC specification.

    The annual subscription costs start from £280 with 10 student logins. For more information please visit Integral Mathematics Resources pages.

    You can register quickly and easily by using the link on the home page.

    If you cannot gain access through a school or college you can subscribe to the resources as an individual. Please visit Integral Mathematics Resources for individual pages.

    FMSP Cymru

    Darlith yr Ymddiriedolaeth Addysgu Ystadegaeth 2019

    Ein prif siaradwr yw Neil Sheldon, Cadeirydd yr Ymddiriedolaeth Addysgu Ystadegaeth:

  • Mae angen i ni siarad am ystadegau
  • Pwrpas ystadegau yw mewnwelediad nid rhifau
  • Bydd darlith gefnogol hefyd gan Dominic Oakes, Cydlynydd Adnoddau ac Ymchwil RhGMBC:

  • Delweddu Ystadegau
  • Technoleg yn y Cylch Ymchwilio
  • ac amser ar gyfer trafodaeth a lluniaeth.

    Bydd y darlithoedd yn cael eu cynnal 18:00-21:00 yn:

  • Prifysgol Bangor 21ain Tachwedd 2019
  • Prifysgol Caerdydd 2il Rhagfyr 2019

    Os hoffech fynychu, e-bostiwch [email protected]

    Datganiad i'r Wasg - Cynhadledd undydd i Athrawon Mathemateg

    Arloesedd a Chreadigrwydd mewn Addysgu Mathemateg

    12 Gorffennaf 2019 – Prifysgol Metropolitan Caerdydd

    Roedd cynhadledd gyntaf RhGMBC i athrawon a gynhaliwyd ar y 12fed o Orffennaf 2019 ym Mhrifysgol Fetropolitan Caerdydd yn llwyddiant, gyda dros 90 o gyfranogwyr yn mynychu o ysgolion a cholegau a chonsortia addysgol ledled Cymru. Cynhaliwyd gweithdai ymarferol i athrawon gan gynnwys addysgu Mathemateg a Mathemateg Bellach Safon Uwch, ymagweddau creadigol at ystafelloedd dosbarth mathemateg 11+ ac addysgu drwy ddefnyddio technoleg. Roedd 22 o weithdai ymlaen ac roedd y mynychwyr yn gallu dewis 5 sesiwn drwy gydol y dydd. Ochr yn ochr ag athrawon o ysgolion a cholegau ledled Cymru a thîm RhGMBC, cyflwynodd cydweithwyr academaidd o ganolfan addysg Linz STEAM Prifysgol Johannes Kepler (Awstria) yn y gynhadledd i rannu profiad rhyngwladol. Rhoddwyd y prif anerchiad ‘Ysbrydoli Dysgwyr ac Athrawon drwy Weithgareddau Dysgu STEM drwy ddefnyddio Technoleg’ gan yr Athro Emeritws Adrian Oldknow, a'r sgwrs gloi, ‘Mathemateg: Y 4 Pwrpas a Thechnoleg ’gan Dr Sofya Lyakhova o RGMBC.

    Dangosodd adborth o'r digwyddiad fod yr athrawon yn gwerthfawrogi'r cyfleoedd i ddysgu technegau mathemateg newydd ac adnoddau ymarferol y gallent eu cymryd i'r ystafell ddosbarth a'u cynnwys yn natblygiad y cwricwlwm newydd:

  • “Bydd yn cael effaith gadarnhaol gan y bydd yn helpu i ysgogi newid.”
  • “Gwella dealltwriaeth yn gyffredinol. Mwy o syniadau ar gyfer y curriculum.”
  • “Ysgogi meddwl, creadigol, arloesol, ysbrydoledig a syniadau ymarferol defnyddiol iawn”. .
  • “ “Profi Rhagdybiaethau - roedd y sesiwn hon yn rhyngweithiol, wedi'i chyflwyno'n arbennig o dda ac yn dangos yn union sut y gellid ei defnyddio yn yr ystafell ddosbarth - roeddwn wrth fy modd!”
  • “Meddwl defnyddio dulliau addysgu gwahanol, yn enwedig fideos tawel.”
  • “Byddaf yn bendant yn treialu dull ystafell ddosbarth wyneb i waered gyda fy mlwyddyn 12.”

    Bydd y gynhadledd yn cynnwys sesiynau ar:

  • Addysgu, pynciau ac adnoddau Mathemateg a Mathemateg Bellach Safon Uwch
  • Modelu
  • Y Dull Dosbarth Wyneb i Waered
  • Geogebra a meddalwedd delweddu eraill
  • Defnyddio technoleg mewn addysgu mathemateg
  • Gemau a Hapchwarae
  • Celf a Mathemateg

    Dywedodd y Gweinidog Addysg, Kirsty Williams: Education

    “Mae mathemateg yn sgil allweddol ar gyfer bywyd ac yn cael ei werthfawrogi'n fawr gan gyflogwyr. Dyna pam ein bod yn gwreiddio Mathemateg a Rhifedd fel un o'r Meysydd Dysgu a Phrofiad allweddol yn y cwricwlwm newydd, ac yn parhau i fuddsoddi yn y Rhaglen Gymorth Mathemateg Bellach. “Roeddwn yn falch o glywed bod y Gynhadledd Athrawon gyntaf wedi bod yn gymaint o lwyddiant gyda nifer fawr o athrawon o bob rhan o Gymru yn mynychu." “Cydnabyddir bod Mathemateg Bellach Safon Uwch/UG yn galluogi myfyrwyr i baratoi'n well ar gyfer astudio Mathemateg yn eu blwyddyn gyntaf yn y brifysgol ac yn agor drysau i yrfaoedd STEM gwerthfawr, sy'n talu'n dda. Rwy'n gobeithio y bydd y digwyddiad hwn yn annog athrawon i ysbrydoli eu myfyrwyr i gyrraedd y lefelau hyn trwy barhau i astudio Mathemateg y tu hwnt i lefel TGAU”.

    Dywedodd Dominic Oakes, Cydlynydd Adnoddau ac Ymchwil RhGMB, :

    " Eleni, cynhaliodd RhGMBC brosiect ymchwil athrawon ar raddfa fach i ymchwilio i'r Dull Ystafell Ddosbarth Wyneb i Waered mewn addysgu Mathemateg a Mathemateg Bellach Safon Uwch. Mae'r prosiect wedi dangos gwerth y dull a chyflwynodd nifer o sesiynau yn y Gynhadledd y gwaith hwn. Roedd yr adborth o'r gynhadledd yn galonogol iawn gyda'r ystafell ddosbarth wyneb i waered yr ateb mwyaf poblogaidd i'r cwestiwn yngl?n ag effaith uniongyrchol y gynhadledd ar ymarfer y cyfranogwyr. Yn y gynhadledd, cafodd athrawon gyfle i gofrestru i gymryd rhan mewn rhwydweithio prosiectau ymchwil y flwyddyn academaidd nesaf. Rydym yn edrych ymlaen at ehangu'r prosiect ymchwil Ystafell Ddosbarth Wyneb i Waered i fwy o ysgolion y flwyddyn nesaf a dechrau prosiectau arloesol newydd yn seiliedig ar ddiddordebau a fynegwyd gan athrawon.”

    Dywedodd Sofya Lyakhova, arweinydd rhaglen RhGMBC :

    " Mae technoleg yn chwarae rhan hanfodol yn hyfforddiant RhGMB lle mae profiad y myfyriwr yn cael ei “droi” yn y bôn gyda myfyrwyr yn gwneud gwaith rhagarweiniol gyda chymorth technoleg a gwaith mwy anodd gyda'r athro. Ond mae technoleg hefyd yn hanfodol i ganiatáu i ni groesi ffiniau rhyngddisgyblaethol, sefydlu cysylltiadau rhwng pynciau ond hefyd i gymhwyso mathemateg a sefyllfaoedd bywyd go iawn. Mae'r rhain yn arbennig o bwysig o ystyried diwygio'r cwricwlwm presennol.”

    Mae lleoedd yn gyfyngedig felly peidiwch ag oedi!

    Cofrestrwch nawr

    Menter a ariennir gan Lywodraeth Cymru yw Rhaglen Gymorth Mathemateg Bellach Cymru. Mae'n cael ei reoli gan Sefydliad Gwyddorau Mathemategol a Chyfrifiannol Cymru (WIMCS) , partneriaeth gydweithredol prifysgolion Aberystwyth, Bangor, Caerdydd, Abertawe a Brifysgol De Cymru, ac fe'i cefnogir gan Mathemateg mewn Addysg a Diwydiant (MEI).

    Ein prif nod yw darparu addysgu lefel UG/Uwch Mathemateg Bellach ar gyfer pob corff dyfarnu yng Nghymru a Lloegr i fyfyrwyr nad ydyn nhw'n gallu cael mynediad i Fathemateg Bellach drwy eu hysgolion neu golegau 11-18 lleol.

    I gael mwy o wybodaeth am FMSP Cymru, gweler ein taflen.

    Pam Astudio Mathemateg Pellach?

    Mae'r fideo yma gan gyn-fyfyriwr Mathemateg Pellach Laasya Shekaran. Cwblhaodd ei Lefel A mewn Mathemateg Bellach yn 2014 ac aeth ymlaen i astudio Mathemateg ym Mhrifysgol Warwick. Mynychodd Ysgol Olchfa yn Abertawe cyn hyn.

    Cynhadledd Blwyddyn 11

    " Rydw i wedi dysgu bod gan Fathemateg lawer mwy o gymwysiadau nag y feddyliais yn wreiddiol, ac yn sicr yn ddewis yrfa wych " Myfyriwr Aberystwyth - Medi 2018

    Mathemateg Bellach Safon Uwch

    "Fe wnes i fwynhau'r cwrs a byddwn yn bendant yn argymell Mathemateg Bellach i unrhyw un sydd â diddordeb mewn mathemateg. Heb Mathemateg Bellach mae'n annhebygol iawn y byddwn wedi derbyn cynnig o Brifysgol Caergrawnt "- Anna Clancy - Myfyrwyr o Ysgol Maesydderwen - Ionawr 2014

    Ysgol Haf MAT

    <" Rwy wedi dysgu ffyrdd newydd o ymdrin â chwestiynau er mwyn dod o hyd i atebion. Rwy bellach yn teimlo'n fwy hyderus mewn mathemateg ac rwy wedi dysgu mwy. Byddwn wedi poeni llawer mwy am y MAT heb wneud yr ysgol haf. "
    Prifysgol Abertawe - Haf 2018

    Diwrnod adolygu

    " Diolch yn fawr iawn! Roedd hon yn sesiwn wych i baratoi ar gyfer M2 gydag athro gwych. Diolch am bopeth!" - Myfyriwr Bangor - Mehefin 2018

    Pob ysgol a choleg

    Gwahoddir pob ysgol a choleg yng Nghymru i gofrestru gyda FMSP Cymru i gael mynediad athrawon i un defnyddiwr am ddim i'r adnoddau Mathemateg Bellach Integredig y mae MEI yn eu cynnig, sy'n cwmpasu pum manyleb Mathemateg Bellach (AQA, Edexcel, MEI, OCR a CBAC). Maen nhw'n cynnwys pob un o fodiwlau Pur Pellach safon UG/Uwch a bron y cyfan o fodiwlau Mathemateg Gymhwysol lefel UG/Uwch i'r manylebau Seisnig. Mae adnoddau Mathemateg Bellach yn cefnogi modiwlau FM1, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5 a FM6 manyleb CBAC.

    Cost tanysgrifiad blynyddol yw £275 am bob 10 myfyriwr sy'n mewngofnodi. Am ragor o wybodaeth ewch i dudalennau Adnoddau Mathemateg Integral.

    Gallwch gofrestru yn gyflym ac yn hawdd drwy ddefnyddio'r ddolen ar y dudalen gartref.

    Os nad ydych yn gallu cael mynediad trwy ysgol neu goleg gallwch danysgrifio at yr adnoddau fel unigolyn. Ewch i dudalennau Adnoddau Mathemateg i unigolion..