Real World Mathematics

Applications of A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Here are some real world applications of A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Solutions to the worksheets are available by contacting the FMSP or your local FMSP Area Coordinator.

The maths of Google (PowerPoint)
The maths of Google (Worksheet)
Graphs and Euler Cycles (PowerPoint)
Graphs and Euler Cycles (Worksheet)
Vectors and Computer Graphics (Worksheet)

The Maths inside

Examples of the maths behind science (exhibited at the Royal Society)
Stereo mission
Menger sponge
How do crabs and sharks sense depth
Graphical Passwords
How to hold a molecule

Mathematics Exemplars from Industry

These exemplars were created as part of the Mathematics in Work Competition for students on the Year in Industry (YinI) programme. This competition is run by MEI and supported by the IMA.

All winning exemplars from the Industry Competition.

Winning entries in the 2012 competition

Alice Hardy - Praxair Surface Technologies Ltd

Alice receiving her prize from MEI's Programme Leader (Industry) Janice Richards.
Daniel Lock (Alice’s manager) and Chris Ward (EDT) also attended.

Will Springthorpe - Delphi Stonehouse

Peter Rayner (Will’s manager), Janice Richards (MEI), Dave Friday (Director & General Manager, Delphi (Heavy Duty Business)), Will and Chris Ward (EDT).

The force of wind on a simple frame structure - Hannah Davies

Switch mode power supply (SMPS) design - Ylber Doniku

Application of trigonometry in design and manufacturing of tooling in the industry - Sina Fattahi

Using Mathematics to allow plasma spray guns to coat parts with complex geometrics - Alice Hardy

The application of integration to measure volumes - William Springthorpe

Using stresses to determine the wall thickness of a natural gas saturator - Maryam Sufi

Calculating the cost of steam leaks - Guy Wilson

Winning entries in the 2011 competition

Nilman Ekanayake - PEI Genesis UK LTD

Nilman receiving his prize from MEI's Programme Leader (Industry) Richard Browne.
Kelly Sutherland, European HR Manager and Jamie McBride, Mechanical Excellence Team Leader also attended.

Mathematical calculations used within Dixon ring characteristics - Robert Alford

Rotational Leg to Hull Stiffness for Tubular Legs in a Jack Up Rig - Alex Dotsch

How a Cyclone Works - Jessie Fullenkemper

Using mathematics to model the flight of a rocket - Robin Herd

Probability in control systems - Amber Hilton

Prototype lorry trailer development - Lewis Jecketts

Viscosity Temperature Graphs of Lubricants - Eunjin Lee

Use of trigonometry in calculating the Maximum orientation error in the manufacturing process - Nilman Ekanayake

Use of Pythagoras’s Theorem and Trigonometry in Analysis of a Bolted Connection - Amy Roberts

The Use of Statistics in Biodiversity Indicators - Sophie Rogers

Fixture and fittings - Kester Sleeman

The distribution of work to meet customer demand - Kelly Streeter

Winning entries in the 2010 competition

Photographs of the presentations of a certificate and £100 to each of the two winners of the 2010 competition can be seen below. The winning and highly commended exemplars then follow.

Cameron Blackwell - Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald

Cameron receiving his prize from MEI's Stephen Lee.
Charity Watkins, YinI Regional Director, and Cameron's managers also attended.

Joe Andrews - Invensys Controls UK Ltd

Joe being presented with his prize by Charlie Stripp, MEI Chief Executive.
Joe's manager, Wayne Dunn, also attended the event.

The Use of Mathematics in Train Wheelset Management - William Balcombe

Checking computer generated data - Cameron Blackwell

Use of Boolean Logic and Probabilistic Analysis in work - Benjamin Brocklehurst

The use of drag coefficients in hydrodynamics - Helen Lacey

Constructing platforms using trigonometry and geometry - Hasnain Mir Mohammed

Flow rates in fuel pipes - Peter Moran

In-flight refulling - Cameron Smith

2008 competition

The use of mathematics (mechanics) in the testing of an automotive engine component
Jet engines with Pythagoras