Problem Solving

The FMSP supports the development of problem solving in mathematics at both GCSE and A level with professional development courses for teachers, events and activities for students and resources for use in schools and colleges.

Problem solving in GCSE Mathematics

These one day courses focus on problems that can be incorporated into teaching to give your students experience of a range of different types of problems. Teachers will have the opportunity to tackle some problems themselves and will leave with a bank of resources that they can use in class.

If your school or college is registered with the FMSP you will receive information about events taking place near you in your regional newsletter or you can search the regional pages for courses in your area.

The GCSE Problem Solving area has some materials to help develop your students' problem solving skills.

In addition the Maths Feast Materials and the Year 10 Team Mathematics Competition Past Materials are an excellent source of challenging and interesting problems

Problem Solving in the Sixth Form

The FMSP runs an programme of CPD events aimed at developing sixth formers' problem solving skills with a focus on helping students prepare for Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP), Advanced Extension Award (AEA) and Mathematics Admission Test (MAT) examinations.

All courses include access to purpose-written materials suitable for use in general classes as well as materials suitable for those students preparing for STEP, AEA and MAT.

For more details please see the pages on Professional Development for STEP and AEA

In the resources sections, the A Level Problem Solving Resources page has a series of sheets with problems suitable for year 12 and 13 students helping to develop their problem solving skills.

In addition the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge Past Materials are an excellent source of challenging and interesting problems.