A level Resources

Integral Online Resources

A wide range of resources for teaching A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are available on the Integral Online Resources website. These are free to schools/colleges registered with the FMSP and include teaching resources for:

  • All the applied modules for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • All the A level Further Pure modules
  • OCR level 3 FSMQ in Additional Mathematics
  • AQA level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics

In addition registered schools/colleges have access to other resources suitable for A level students, such as:

  • Integrated Mathematics Problem Solving (IMPS)
    These resources are designed to help teach relevant aspects of mathematics and statistics, showing how they are used in solving real problems in other subjects at A level.

  • Engineering Mathematics Resources
    These resources were produced by MEI for the Royal Academy of Engineering and use realistic engineering contexts to offer opportunities to learn how mathematics may be used to solve engineering problems. The resources include an interactive visual representation of vectors.

Post-16 Problem Solving Resources

Problem-solving resources designed for use by A level students.
A level Problem Solving Resources

Additional resources to support problem-solving can be found at:

A level Revision Videos

The FMSP provides revision videos for each specification. These are topic-based videos featuring an explanation of the specifications and some example examination questions. They can be found on the Revision videos page.

MEI Website

The MEI website has further resources and support materials for teachers.