AS Further Mathematics in Year 13

Whether or not your school/college already offers Further Mathematics in year 12, it is well worth considering offering AS Further Mathematics to your year 13 students for several reasons:

  • It is an ideal preparation for students planning to go on to degree in any STEM subject.

  • It is accessible to all students capable of passing A level Mathematics.

  • As well as introducing students to topics such a matrices and complex numbers, which will certainly be useful to them on their degree courses, it also improves their mathematical fluency. This often helps them to improve their A level Mathematics grade.

  • Many university departments in mathematically-rich subjects encourage or require students to take Further Mathematics qualifications.See the universities section for more information.

  • Taking AS Further Mathematics in year 13 to support a university application looks very impressive on a student's UCAS form.

It is sometimes possible to timetable year 13 Further Mathematics lessons alongside year 12 lessons, and thus AS Further Mathematics can be delivered in year 13 with very little additional teaching time.