Badge Competition

Design a badge competition

Welcome to the 2017 badge competition!

Your task is to design a badge which can be given to and worn by students across the country! We are looking for eye-catching designs with some mathematical content; here is the 2016 winner – can you do better?


mathematical challenges
  • Badges work best when the design or message is bold and simple.
  • Badges will have the website put behind it – you don’t need to do this, but this may affect your design.
  • The finished badge will be circular – it is a good idea to work with a circular design.
  • It may help to create a design which is bigger than the finished badge – but remember that it will be reduced so keep the design simple and bold.
  • Prizes for entrant:
    • £100 book token
    • Badges produced and distributed to Year 10 students across the country
  • Prize for teacher of winning entrant:
    • £100 book token
    • UKMT Intermediate Problems book

To enter

The small print

All designs submitted become the property of the FMSP and can be used to promote the work of the FMSP. The FMSP reserves the right to edit any design; we will try to contact the designer, but cannot guarantee doing this.