Professional Development for Core Maths

The AMSP provides a range of courses for teachers of Core Maths. These events take place in all parts of the country.

The one-day Core Maths Regional Conferences provide an opportunity for current and prospective teachers of Core Maths to experience interesting and stimulating ways of introducing Core Maths topics in the classroom, network with other teachers, share ideas for teaching and find out how to establish and sustain Core Maths provision.

In addition there are other one-day events and shorter network meetings organised by AMSP Area Coordinators covering aspects of teaching Core Maths. These events will be added to the table below as they become available.

The AMSP is developing an online resources platform for Core Maths to support teachers, this will be trialled in 2018-19 before becoming more widely available. There will be online professional development using the resources platform beginning in 2019.

In 2018-19 AMSP will be working with Maths Hubs to organise and lead workgroups supporting teachers in developing confidence and approaches to teaching Core Maths. Details of these workgroups will be posted soon.

There is a brief information on Core Maths qualifications on the FMSP website at


To view details of future events please see the Advanced Maths Support Programme website: