Professional Development for Teachers

A key aim of the Further Mathematics Support Programme is to contribute to the continuing professional development of mathematics teachers.

Sustained Courses

The FMSP now offers a range of sustained professional development courses designed to prepare both new and more experienced teachers for the 2017 A levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Eligible teachers undertaking sustained courses can now get their course fees reimbursed on completion

  • Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) which is aimed at those new to teaching A level
  • Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM) for those wishing to develop their subject knowledge and skill in teaching further pure maths
  • Teaching Mechanics (TM1 and TM2); TM1 covers the compulsory mechanics in the Mathematics A level and TM2 covers the mechanics in the Further Mathematics qualifications
  • Teaching Statistics (TS1 and TS2); TS1 covers the compulsory statistics in the Mathematics A level and TS2 covers the statistics in the Further Mathematics qualifications
  • Teaching Discrete Mathematics (TD); TD covers covers discrete and decision maths material from the new Further Mathematics specifications.

In addition to the sustained courses above we offer a full programme of innovative Live Online Professional Development (LOPD)

The FMSP also offers a range of other training and support for teachers:

  • There will be a variety of courses for GCSE, A level Maths and Further Maths in your area run by your local FMSP Area Coordinator.
  • In some areas the FMSP collaborates with CPD provision offered by Maths Hubs and local universities.
  • Look for your local teacher network where you can meet other teachers and discuss current issues with FMSP staff

For details of CPD events being held in your area, please see the list of local CPD events on the right hand side of this page or go to your regional pages.

Further Mathematics Conferences

In February/March 2018 we ran four one-day professional development and networking conferences, dedicated to the teaching of AS and A level Further Mathematics. These conferences were aimed at current and prospective teachers of Further Mathematics. We are expecting to run similar conferences in spring 2019.

MEI Professional Development Courses

Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) run a range of professional development courses for teachers. For information about these courses see the MEI Professional Development pages


The FMSP holds the NCETM CPD standard

For the latest information about The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) visit

The NCETM website now has a professional development self evaluation tool that can help teachers assess their current position and identify suitable areas for continuing professional development. For more information go to the teacher self-evaluation tool