Encouraging Girls to Take Mathematics


The number of girls studying mathematics has continued to rise in recent years, with over 37,000 girls in the UK completing a course in A-level Mathematics in summer 2017, of which around 4,400 also completed A Level Further Mathematics. At AS level, there were around 63,000 entries for Mathematics from girls, with over 8,000 also taking AS Further Mathematics.

Whilst the numbers of girls participating in Mathematics and Further Mathematics in the UK has grown substantially in recent years, the proportion of A level Mathematics students that are girls is 39% and for A level Further Mathematics the figure is 27%.

Universities and employers are keen to recruit even more female students into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and also to a wide range of other degree courses and careers requiring quantitative skills, such as Psychology, Social Sciences, Economics and Geography.

The breadth of the applicability of mathematics is enormous, and for a large number of degree courses an A level in Mathematics is an essential or desirable qualification. The study of Mathematics offers opportunities for creativity, team-working and communication, and for many careers it is the ability to explain complicated concepts clearly to a non-mathematical audience that is in demand.

The FMSP believes that it is important to alert girls and their parents to the wide range of skills developed through the study of mathematics and the utility of the subject across a wide range of careers.

The FMSP has produced a leaflet discussing the participation of girls in Mathematics. Please contact the FMSP admin team if you would like to receive a printed copy: [email protected]