Engineering Degrees

The entry requirements for Engineering degree courses vary across the different engineering disciplines and between universities.

Further Mathematics

Studying A level or AS level Further Mathematics is excellent preparation for many engineering degrees as it introduces a wider range of pure and applied content, such as matrices and complex numbers. The content in the mechanics units is particularly useful preparation for some engineering courses.

Only a small number of engineering degree courses specifically mention Further Mathematics in their entry requirements, but many course leaders encourage students to take Further Mathematics if possible as it is a valuable introduction to the mathematical requirements of engineering degrees. In consequence, at some of the leading universities a significant proportion of engineering undergraduates have studied Further Mathematics A level.


A level Mathematics (or an equivalent qualification) is required by nearly all engineering degree courses in the UK. However, not all universities explicitly refer to the need for a mathematics qualification at level 3 in their requirements. Students are advised to be well-prepared mathematically when starting an engineering degree.