The Further Mathematics Support Programme supports the enrichment of students’ experience of mathematics through organising events and providing stimulating resources.

Formats used to provide enrichment opportunities include:

  • Workshops and Hands-on Sessions;
  • Quizzes and Competitions;
  • Presentations and lectures;
  • Taster sessions for A level Mathematics & Further Mathematics and University Mathematics;
  • Student Conferences;
  • Residential Courses;
  • Online Presentations and Conferences.

Maths Inspiration - What's the Point?

The FMSP has been working with Maths Inspiration to provide summer shows for Year 9 and 10 students. The shows, entitled What's the Point?, are highly engaging and interactive. Rob Eastaway, Matt Parker and Hannah Fry explain why there is actually a point to the maths the students have been studying. This is maths the students haven’t seen it before, with games, puzzles and a few laughs thrown in. Each show features special guests who have used maths in their areas of work.

Dates are being planned for 2016. Check our events pages for updates or visit the Maths Inspiration website for more details.

I really enjoyed it!
Can we go again?
Please! Please! Please!

Year 10 student, Kent school


Enrichment Resources

GCSE and A level enrichment resources can be found in the Resources area.

Enrichment Events

Each year the FMSP organises enrichment events that are attended by more than 10,000 Key Stage 4 students, these are often at local universities but can also take place in schools and colleges. The events provide a taste of mathematics beyond GCSE and stimulate students' interest in mathematics. In addition FMSP Area Coordinators visit and organise events in schools and colleges to promote mathematics, including enrichment experiences and heats of the FMSP Maths Feast competition and the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge.

Details of large scale events will be sent to schools/colleges registered with the FMSP or please check the Enrichment Events page for dates of upcoming events.

If you want to arrange an in-school enrichment experience for your school or would be able to host an enrichment event, please contact your local FMSP Area Coordinator.