The Further Mathematics Support Programme supports the enrichment of students’ experience of mathematics through organising events and providing stimulating resources.

Formats used to provide enrichment opportunities include:

  • Workshops and Hands-on Sessions;
  • Quizzes and Competitions;
  • Presentations and lectures;
  • Taster sessions for A level Mathematics & Further Mathematics and University    Mathematics;
  • Student Conferences;
  • Residential Courses;
  • Online Presentations and Conferences.

    Enrichment Resources

    We provide many free 11-16 resources, covering specific topics and more general skills such as problem solving and modelling. Some activities are designed for independent or individual work while some are better suited to group work. We have also collected them together within Integral for convenience and have 'scored' them according to difficulty so you can choose activities appropriate to your classes. You can click this button to log into Integral as a guest and see what we have on offer.

    Enrichment lessons can be accessed directly from enrichment materials page .

    Post-16 enrichment information and resources can be found here.

    Enrichment Events

    Each year the FMSP organises enrichment events that are attended by more than 10,000 Key Stage 4 students, these are often at local universities but can also take place in schools and colleges. The events provide a taste of mathematics beyond GCSE and stimulate students' interest in mathematics. In addition FMSP Area Coordinators visit and organise events in schools and colleges to promote mathematics, including enrichment experiences and heats of the FMSP Maths Feast competition and the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge.

    Details of large scale events will be sent to schools/colleges registered with the FMSP or please check the Enrichment Events page for dates of upcoming events.

    If you want to arrange an in-school enrichment experience for your school or would be able to host an enrichment event, please contact your local FMSP Area Coordinator.

    Enrichment Professional Development

    The FMSP runs two and three day courses which support teachers in developing secondary school students. These courses are usually funded for state schools and more details can be found on our Extension and Enrichment page.

    Something to consider for your students:

    Coming in October… Global Math Week!

    The Global Math Project aims to engage students and teachers around the world in thinking and talking about the same appealing piece of mathematics during a series of annual Global Math Weeks. Inspired by the work of code.org, which makes coding accessible for millions of students across the globe, the GMP team will share the inherent joy, wonder, relevance, and meaning of mathematics with students everywhere and create a forum for the global celebration of creative mathematical thinking.

    What Happens During Global Math Week?
    The very first Global Math Week takes place this fall. Beginning October 10, 2017, one million students will experience Exploding Dots, a popular topic developed by Global Math Project founding team member James Tanton.

    During Global Math Week itself, teachers and other math leaders are asked to commit to spending the equivalent of one class period on Exploding Dots and to share their students’ experience with the Global Math Project community through social media (#gmw2017). Teachers can choose a low-technology presentation format by using downloadable pdf lesson plans as a guide. Alternatively, they can opt for a technology-intensive experience, developed by the Canadian education technology company Scolab, which will consist of a collection of visually appealing “islands” representing Exploding Dots topics.

    For those who wish to delve deeper, additional materials will be freely available on the Global Math Project website below to support further exploration of place value, arithmetic algorithms, negative numbers, alternative bases, polynomials, formal infinite series, and more.
    How Can I Get Involved?
    Consider becoming involved in some or all of the following ways:
    • Visit our website and explore the wondrous topic of Exploding Dots yourself. Then    register to conduct an Exploding Dots experience with your students during    Global Math Week.
    • Encourage your colleagues to register for Global Math Week too, and to spread    the word.
    • Become an official Global Math Project Ambassador and help build participation    by posting on social media and helping organize local events. Perhaps host an    Exploding Dots training session for educators in your area.
    Come enjoy mathematics like you've never seen it before and take part in a global conversation about it. Get started at www.theglobalmathproject.org/gmw.