Enrichment and Extension Resources

FMSP Enrichment Posters

The FMSP has produced a series of four posters designed to stimulate interest in studying mathematics beyond GCSE level. The posters illustrate some applications of mathematics that GCSE students would not usually encounter.
These posters can be obtained from your area coordinator. You can also request copies from the FMSP admin team: [email protected]. A file containing all of the posters can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

FMSP Enrichment Lesson Plans

The FMSP has produced sets of lesson plans which can be used in the classroom to enrich the mathematical experience of your students. Each lesson plan consists of a presentation, teachers notes and any resources required, usually in a workbook.

Doves and Hawks
Teacher notes
Resources sheet Dove and Hawks
Resources sheet split steal cards
Teacher notes
Resource sheet triangular paper
Resource sheet triangular paper with outline
Josephus Flavius
Teacher notes
Resource sheet Magic cards

The FMSP Enrichment Pack 2016

The FMSP Enrichment Pack contains a variety of materials on a pen drive to use with Key Stage 4 and more able Key Stage 3 students in the classroom. The pack is available through your Area Coordinator. You can also request a pack from the FMSP admin team: [email protected].

The individual contents of the pack can also be downloaded below.

Enrichment Pack Contents and Instructions

Extension topics from Higher Education
Geometric Distribution
Modular Arithmetic
Properties of Prime Numbers
Increasing Girls Participation
Decision making using Mathematics
Decision Trees Handout
Decision Trees Handout Solutions
Maths Feast Practice Materials 2016
These materials can be found on the Maths Feast Materials page of this website
Problem Solving Materials
Problems on Postcards
Problems on Business Cards
Problems for the Classroom
More Problems...
Why study Mathematics and Further Mathematics?
Why do Mathematics or Further Mathematics Presentation
Why study Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Enrichment Pack Materials 2015

Other Enrichment and Extension Resources

Solving the Rubik's Cube