Enrichment and Extension

The study of mathematics opens up a world that contains both excitement and beauty. The breadth of the applicability of mathematics is enormous. Mathematics is fundamental not only to science and technology, but also to other disciplines that require a modeling approach.

The FMSP aims to highlight the varied and fascinating aspects of mathematics, promoting the continued study of mathematics in the sixth-form and beyond.

Through a range of enrichment and extension events, activities and resources, the FMSP offers students opportunities to apply mathematics they have learned in the classroom in new and interesting ways, deepening and broadening their understanding and increasing their enjoyment of mathematics.

For example:

  • To help you find out where mathematics is used and how it relates to the world around us, the FMSP organises enrichment events across the country;
  • To develop your mathematical ability, the FMSP produces problem solving materials and provides online support for using them;
  • To develop your enjoyment of mathematics, the FMSP organises team mathematics competitions for year 10 and sixth-form students;
  • To help you prepare for university courses, the FMSP provides support for STEP, AEA and MAT examinations.

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    Are you an A level student?

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