FM Videos

From September 2017 we will replace the Live Interactive Lectures for FM with collections of short pre-recorded videos. There will be around 4-5 videos of 5-10 minutes in length for each section in Integral. The intention of these videos is that they are sufficient to introduce students to the concepts so that they can learn the material for the section by working through appropriate examples.

The videos will be distributed via Integral and be freely available to registered schools. Teachers will be able to access them through the school Integral account and there will also be a new 'student account' for each registered school that they can share with their students which will feature the videos but not other resources.

We are currently planning videos to support the following routes through AS Further Mathematics in 2017-18:

  • AQA
    • To be confirmed when the specification is accredited
  • Edexcel1
    • Compulsory Further Pure with options: D1 + S1
    • Compulsory Further Pure with options: D1 + M1
    • Compulsory Further Pure with options: M1 + S1
  • MEI2
    • Compulsory Further Pure with options: Modelling with Algorithms + Numerical Methods
  • OCR1
    • Compulsory Further Pure with options: D1 + M1

1Courses following these routes to complete a full A level will be available in 2018-19.
2Students will be able to choose a further option such as Mechanics, Statistics or FPT in year 13.

We are aiming to have the first half of these sets of videos uploaded to Integral by September.

FM Video+ accounts

Schools/colleges will be able to get individual accounts for their students that have access to the videos plus all the Integral resources for Further Maths on that specification. The teachers will get access to the management system so they can monitor their students' progress. The cost of these will be £30 per student.