FM for Mature and Independent Students

Support for the legacy AS/A2 Further Mathematics qualifications

The Further Mathematics Support Programme offers live online support courses for the legacy qualifications in AS and A2 Further Mathematics for mature, gap-year students and home-based students. The courses, which are designed to supplement students’ independent study, include:

  • Up to thirty hours of live online support which includes dedicated lectures and revision time (these sessions take place fortnightly, throughout the year).
  • Access to the Integral A level Resources extensive and acclaimed online resources. These have specific sections tailored to support self-study and include additional notes, exercises, interactive resources, multiple choice tests, exam-style questions and worked solutions.
  • A moderated forum specifically for course participants.
  • Email support.
  • Sessions are recorded so that you can replay and review the content covered during the course.

Please note that these courses are only for the legacy qualifications and not for the new (2017) qualifications

Students enrolled on an AS or A2 course will receive access to the lectures and resources for 3 of these units. To access 6 units students will need to enrol on both AS and A2 Further Mathematics. Students may select alternative applied modules to those offered. Students will receive access to the Integral online resources for these modules but there will be no lectures.

Students cannot study a module for Further Mathematics that has already been studied and used in the certification of A level Mathematics

It is possible to study AS/A level Further Mathematics through a specification that is different to that through which you took A level Mathematics; however you must inform your Further Mathematics exam centre of any such difference in specification.

Please note that A level Mathematics is a prerequisite for AS level Further Mathematics, or you will need to be studying both A levels at the same time. AS Further Mathematics is normally a prerequisite for A2 Further Mathematics but it is possible to study both AS Further Mathematics and A2 Further Mathematics in one year.

Applying for the course

AS Further Mathematics and A2 Further Mathematics each cost £150. Payment for the courses must either be in full on application or may be in two equal parts - the first installment on application and the second by 31st January 2017.

Applications are now open for 2017-18. Please fill out an Application Form and send it into the FMSP office. Further details with regards to payment, and address details can be found on the form.

Support for the new (2017) Further Mathematics qualifications

MEI provides Integral resources for Further Mathematics on all the main specifications that are suitable for use by students wishing to self-study. This include access to the FM videos as well as study plans, interactive walkthroughs, notes, exercises and many other resources.

For details see: Integral A level Resources.

Finding an examination centre

As an independent candidate you are responsible for finding your own examination centre. If you have contact with a local school or college, such as the one where you studied A level Mathematics, you might be able to enter the examination there. You might also find the information for external candidates provided by the examination boards useful:

Please e-mail [email protected] if you have any specific queries about the Further Mathematics courses for mature or gap-year students.