Tuition Available Through the FMSP

The FMSP supports schools and colleges by providing tuition for students who would benefit from studying AS/A level Further Mathematics. When schools/colleges have difficulties staffing/timetabling Further Mathematics the FMSP can provide all or part of the tuition for Further Mathematics.

The main support provided is through the FM videos that are available free to registered schools. Schools/colleges can also get individual FM Video+ accounts for their students that have access to the videos plus all the Integral resources for Further Maths on that specification. The cost of these will be £30 per student. For more details of the videos and the FM Video+ accounts see: FM Videos.

Where schools/colleges are unable to teach Further Mathematics the FMSP can provide support through either Live Online Tuition (LOT) or face-to-face tuition. Your FMSP Area Coordinator is your first point of contact to discuss how best the FMSP can provide this support. Contact details for your Area Coordinator can be found on the relevant regional page.

Live Online Tuition (LOT)

The FMSP provides real-time online tutorials to support students. Students log in to the online classroom and can interact with FMSP tutor during the lessons using audio, text and a graphics tablet. The sessions are designed to build on the FM Videos and are followed up with additional exercises and e-mail support from the tutor. Students have access to extensive, purpose-written online resources.

For information about online tuition please see Live online tuition.

Face-to-face tuition

Where there a sufficient number of students in one school, the FMSP may be able to provide a tutor to deliver a structured learning programme, including revision sessions. The students have access to extensive, purpose-written online resources.

  • The FMSP tutor is normally linked to the school's/college's local FMSP region.
  • The FMSP tutor liaises with a contact in the school's/college's Mathematics department.
  • The FMSP tutor visits students in their school/college, or in some cases students attend lessons at a local university, or at a local school or college

  • Evaluation

    Independent evaluation of students' results, carried out by the Curriculum, Evaluation and Management (CEM) Centre at the University of Durham, has shown that results achieved by students tutored in this way are indistinguishable from those achieved by students taught by their own school or college.

    Feedback from students has also been very positive.