11-16 Resources

The FMSP produces resources for students at GCSE. The aim of these resources is to encourage students to think more deeply about the mathematics that they study, to enrich their understanding, to develop their problem solving skills and to encourage the study of mathematics beyond GCSE.

We provide many free 11-16 resources, covering specific topics and more general skills such as problem solving and modelling. Some activities are designed for independent or individual work while some are better suited to group work. We have also collected them together within Integral for convenience and have 'scored' them according to difficulty so you can choose activities appropriate to your classes. You can click this button to log into Integral as a guest and see what we have on offer.


GCSE Extension Materials

The GCSE extension materials are a series of activities aimed at students who are working towards GCSE Mathematics and would benefit from exposure to mathematics beyond the GCSE specifications. There are 20 activities grouped by attainment target.
GCSE Extension Materials

GCSE Problem Solving Materials

A set of 20 GCSE level problems designed to help develop problem solving skills. Each problem is accompanied by detailed student prompts and a worked solution.
GCSE Problem Solving Materials

My Favourite Problem posters

The FMSP Central Team has chosen six mathematical problems to display as posters. The aim of the posters is to engage students in problem solving and extend the mathematical ideas and approaches they encounter at GCSE.
My Favourite Problems

KS4 Extension and Enrichment Resources

The FMSP has DfE funding to lead professional development courses targeting extension and enrichment at Key Stage 4. As part of this, a new range of materials are being developed. You can download a sample of the resources available by clicking on the links below.

  • Quadratic functions and expressions pdf
  • Roots and Indices maze pdf
  • Euclidean Algebra 1 pdf

  • Teachers attending the courses are given access to the full range of resources. If you would like to attend one of these courses please see KS4 extension and enrichment CPD for further information.

    AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics Resources

    AQA Level 2 Further Maths is an additional qualification for KS4 students who are likely to achieve high grades in GCSE mathematics and progress onto A level Mathematics.

    In the past these resources were available free of charge thanks to sponsorship by AQA, however this will not continue for 2017/18. Departmental access via a shared teacher account is still available for free through registration with the Further Mathematics Support Programme . Schools wishing to provide student accounts will be able to purchase a paid subscriptiondetails of which can be found at AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths Resources

    GCSE Online Revision Sessions

    Below is a list of recordings covering GCSE topics (live sessions are not available).

    Please note that these were produced for the old (A-G) specifications. Much of this material is appropriate for students working towards the new (9-1) specifications.

    These recordings include information on:

    • a brief and informal multiple choice test review of B/C grade material (mainly grades 4-6 on the new specifications) in each topic;
    • a look at some examination questions covering A/A* grade material (mainly grades 7-9 on the new specifications);
    • a review of marks schemes;
    • brief opportunities for participants to consider exam questions themselves.

    Whilst every effort has gone into ensuring the accuracy of each recording, Mathematics in Education and Industry can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of their content.

    (Please note some recordings do not automatically play, in this instance please press the play button at the bottom of the screen)


    Recording Link

    GCSE Algebra & Simultaneous Equations

    GCSE Algebraic Fractions & Shape

    GCSE Graph Transformations

    GCSE Statistics & Probability