Careers of Female Mathematicians

There are a wide range of careers in which mathematics is used on a daily basis including business and finance, meteorology, health protection and even analysis of crime. Read more about female mathematicians and the way they use mathematics in their career profiles below.

Claire Osborne

Claire Osborne completed a Mathematics and Philosophy degree and is now employed as a tax lawyer for an international law firm. She enjoys the intellectual satisfaction of problem solving and analysing situations in a logical way. For more details on Claire's career, go to her profile page on mathscareers.

Jenna Pearce

Jenna Pearce studied A level Mathematics and AS level Further Mathematics. After studying for a Mathematics degree she joined Bentley Motors on a graduate training scheme. To learn more about the two year graduate scheme and Jenna’s work as a buyer for the purchase department, see Jenna's profile.

Sumitra Sribhashyam

Sumitra Sribhashyam studied for a PhD in Operational Research, a branch of mathematics and management science which involves using advanced analytical method to make decisions. Sumitra’s PhD thesis involved trying to determine how malicious agents (such as gangs or terrorists) may make decisions based on activities in the environment around them. To learn more, go to her page on mathscareers.

Clare Nasir

Meteorologist Clare Nasir studied a combined honours degree in mathematics and meteorology, which included study of oceanography and astronomy. To find out more about Clare’s work at the Meteorological Office and as a TV presenter, go to her page on mathscareers.

Coralie Colmez

Coralie Colmez is a mathematics educator, author and co-leader of the website Unifrog, which provides support and guidance to students about university and apprenticeship choices. To learn more about how Coralie uses mathematical skills in her work, and her book relating mathematics and crime, see Coralie's profile.

Liz Ainsbury

Data Analyst Liz Ainsbury works for the Health Protection Agency. She analyses blood samples to determine the radiation does experienced by members of the public who have a suspected case of over-exposure to radiation. To find out more about which aspects of mathematics help Liz in this work, go to her page on mathscareers.

Kay Johnson

Kay returned to study mathematics and computing in her mid-thirties. After graduating, she worked in software testing and development and is now a project manager for IBM. To find out more about the skills that IBM value and how study of mathematics would help develop these skills, go to her page on mathscareers.

Maire O’Neill

Maire O’Neill is a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow and lecturer at Queen’s University, Belfast. She leads a team who use research how to use cryptography to provide high levels of security in modern communication such as email and online shopping. To find out more about Maire’s work and her engineering background, go to her page on mathscareers.

Fayezah Sayed

Actuary Fayezah Sayed joined KPMG after completing a Mathematics degree. She enjoys applying mathematics to make predictions about the future profitability of businesses, using a range of complex calculations and graphical techniques. To find out more about Fayezah’s career in financial mathematics, go to her page on mathscareers.

Abbie Hutty

Abbie Hutty is a spacecraft structures engineer who works on the ExoMars Expedition which is developing the rover vehicle for the European Space Agency’s impending ExoMars mission. Find out more about how Abbie became interested in an engineering career and her career working in space engineering, along with further information about the work of two of her colleagues, via Abbie's Profile. More detailed information about careers in aviation and aeronautical engineering and the women who work in these fields, visit: Women in Space.