Encouraging Girls to Take Mathematics: Links

  • The Institute of Physics (IoP) 2013 Closing Doors report investigated progression to A level in Mathematics, Physics, Economics, English, Psychology, Biology and Economics. The report recommends that school leaders reflect on their own statistical data relating to progression and gender and put in place whole school measures to counter gender-stereotyping.

  • 2014 saw the first female winner of the Fields Medal for outstanding achievement in mathematics. Maryam Mirzakhani was recognised for work in the field of complex geometry.

  • The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study on gender and the learning of mathematics was published in 2014. It calls on educators and parents to make a concerted effort to challenge and eliminate gender stereotypes and bolster girls’ self- belief.

  • A facebook page about Women in Maths has been launched and already has nearly 7000 followers.

  • A set of Women in Maths careers videos produced by the University of Nottingham feature women discussing their work in mathematics and how it relates to other subjects such as Biology. They also talk about what other career options they had when they were younger and why they are glad they chose mathematics.

  • Good Housekeeping magazine published a campaign to encourage girls to study mathematics. Three leading advertising agencies were asked to produce an advert that would make girls think differently about maths. See the October 2014 edition for full details – which advert do your female students prefer?

  • Director of ‘Maths Inspiration’ Rob Eastaway uses his blog to discuss interesting findings from a practical experiment with upper primary boys and girls relating to classroom preferences for mathematical activity. Do the same preferences apply in sixth form mathematics classrooms?