How do I go about studying Further Mathematics?

If possible you should study Further Mathematics through timetabled classes at your school or college.  Where this is not possible, with the cooperation of your school or college, the Further Mathematics Support Programme can help you, either by providing all of your Further Mathematics tuition, or by sharing the teaching with your school or college.

Taking AS Further Mathematics in year 13 is an excellent option if you have decided during year 12 that you are going to apply to for a mathematics-rich degree course at university.  It will really help you on your university degree course and will look very impressive on your university application form.

If you are able to enrol in a Further Mathematics class at your school or college, but cannot access all of the options you would like to study, you could share your tuition between your school/college class and tuition through the FMSP.

This flowchart will help you to decide how best to access Further Mathematics tuition.