Key Stage 4 Enrichment and Extension

Maths Inspiration - What's the Point?

The FMSP has been working with Maths Inspiration to provide summer shows for Year 9 and 10 students. The shows, entitled What's the Point?, are highly engaging and interactive. Rob Eastaway, Matt Parker and Hannah Fry explain why there is actually a point to the maths the students have been studying. This is maths the students haven’t seen it before, with games, puzzles and a few laughs thrown in. Each show features special guests who have used maths in their areas of work.

Dates are being planned for 2017. Check our events pages for updates or visit the Maths Inspiration website for more details.

I really enjoyed it!
Can we go again?
Please! Please! Please!

Year 10 student, Kent school


FMSP Enrichment Events

The FMSP organises events just for Key Stage 4 students. The aim of these events is to inspire you and show you how interesting and useful studying A level mathematics and further mathematics can be for your future.

The events usually feature guest speakers, well known in the mathematics, science or engineering world, who present lectures and lead hands on workshops where you get to try things out for yourself.

At a typical FMSP enrichment event you may find yourself taking part in

  • Workshops/hands-on sessions
  • Quizzes and/or competitions
  • A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics and University mathematics taster sessions
  • Student conferences
  • Video-conferencing

Examples of talks and workshops

Here are some examples of the talks and workshops from FMSP enrichment days.

Maths in the Movies - a workshop looking at a series of TV and movie clips, all of which demonstrate maths in some way. The representation of maths in the media was examined to see if it is fair and correct!

A bit, a crumb, a nibble or a byte - a workshop exploring a historic problem from 1AD and how the binary number system plays a part in solving the problem.

Doing sums in a lab coat - Maths helps Chemistry to make the world better. This workshop reinforced that claim with examples and, by taking some measurements with light, the length of a molecule was calculated.

Take a Gamble on Maths - A workshop testing statistical brain power and challenging the rule that “the house always wins”.

The Mathematics of Animal Locomotion - A keynote lecture that describes how the mathematics of networks is used to model the way animals move.

How to get involved

Enrichment events are organised regionally by FMSP Area Coordinators. Details of events are sent to your school/college to the registered contact. All the events are listed on the FMSP website on the appropriate regional pages or by using the link Details of upcoming enrichment events.

Places on all these events are booked by the mathematics teachers at your school/college. When you find an event you are interested in, you will need to persuade your teacher to book some places.

Here are some examples of feedback from these events

"That maths opens a lot of doors! Very interesting facts about maths that I didn’t know before"

"Maths has an everyday use. Maths at A level keeps your options open"

"Very inspirational!! Definitely going to be taking further maths after today"

"That Maths is complicated but FUN!!"

"That nothing is impossible"

"The extent that maths is being used in the real world"

"That there is maths behind a lot of careers"

"That maths is a wide subject and can be linked into other subjects such as geography, science and psychology"

"Thanks for a great day, really enjoyed it and learnt a lot"

"That maths rules!!"

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