Live Online Professional Development

The AMSP's Online Professional Development suites, LOPD (Live Online Professional Development) and ODPD (On Demand Professional Development) form a programme of innovative online courses, designed to enable teachers to develop their teaching with confidence in a convenient, stress-free way.

LOPD courses are delivered using a browser-based online classroom that allows participants to collaborate online in real time. The courses aim both to cover subject content common to all current specifications and to facilitate the exchange of teaching ideas. Rather than attending a one or two day course away from school or college, delegates will use the internet to meet weekly online.

These courses offer between six and ten online sessions with an experienced tutor, each between 60 and 90 minutes in length and delivered to small groups of teachers allowing opportunities for interaction and discussion. Courses are scheduled after the school day, usually at 16:30 or 18:30.

Details of our autumn programme of courses are below.

TEACHERS IN STATE-FUNDED SCHOOLS: Under the AMSP, you are eligible to apply for a full reimbursement of the cost of an LOPD course. Please see below for more details.

Teachers based in state-funded schools in England will shortly have access to the new ODPD suite of courses. These courses are available in two formats: Self-paced study, where teachers can access any part of the course at a time to suite them, and Supported study, where teachers follow a prescribed schedule of completing tasks and are supported by a tutor via email and optional live sessions.

ODPD courses are designed to offer complete flexibility: teachers will eventually be able to select a combination of course 'pods' which enable them to cover all of the topics in their required specification - or just a few elements of a course if they prefer.

TEACHERS IN STATE-FUNDED SCHOOLS: Under the AMSP, you can apply for access to ODPD courses free of charge.

Both LOPD and ODPD courses are being developed and scheduled in a first-requested-first-built order - please complete the expression of interest form linked below to ensure that the units you require are prioritised.

Topics already planned for ODPD (request to prioritise - you can also request LOPD or ODPD courses which do not appear in this list):

  • Supporting your students with the MAT or TMUA
  • Using GeoGebra in A level Maths
  • Spreadsheets and the large data set
  • Discrete, Decision, Modelling with Algorithms - pods to complete your specification
  • Supporting your students with STEP
  • AS and A level Maths: Numerical Methods

Online Professional Development key documentation:


To view details of future courses please see the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme website: