Live Online Tuition

In circumstances where it is not practical to arrange face-to-face tuition, the FMSP provides real-time online tutorials to support LIL FM sessions. Students log in to the online classroom and can interact with FMSP tutor during the lessons using audio-conferencing and a graphics tablet. The sessions are designed to support the LIL FM sessions and are followed up with additional exercises and e-mail support from the tutor.

Communication between the tutor and student in Blackboard Collaborate is possible via live text chat, audio link and a shared electronic whiteboard, using a graphics tablet. In addition the tutor and students can work together on shared mathematics-relevant software such as spreadsheets and geogebra.

In addition to the online sessions, students are set additional exercises and receive follow up support from their FMSP tutor. Students also have access to extensive, purpose-written online resources on the Integral website.

Group sizes are small, usually between one and six students per tutor. Tutors are all experienced teachers of Mathematics and Further Mathematics and are available via email to respond to queries between sessions.

The FMSP offers live online tuition (LOT) to school/college students in all Further Pure and applied units. Further Pure units are taught over two terms; most applied units will be taught in a single term, either Autumn or Spring.

A recording is made of each session so that students can return to and review the material covered at a later date. A series of carefully focused revision recordings are also available to students for each unit.

Schools/colleges should contact their local FMSP Area Coordinator to discuss tuition requirements including LOT. Area Coordinators can be contacted via the regional web pages.

Comments from students

Here are some comments from students who have been learning through Blackboard Collaborate:

“ … a great tutor who has helped me greatly throughout the course and has responded quickly to any further questions that I have had. It has been an enjoyable experience and it has been very helpful.”

“At first I thought it would be difficult to understand work learning it off a screen, but it actually helps to focus your concentration.”

“ I would like to express my thanks as the lessons have helped my maths skills greatly and shall prove most helpful once I receive my results.”

“The online classroom has allowed me to study for a course that I would not otherwise have been able to. The system is great … and the microphones, whiteboard and application sharing mean the students can experience classroom style interaction with teachers and students that may be hundreds of miles away.”