Year 10 Maths Feast

An exciting competition for students in year 10 testing mathematical, communication and teamwork skills.

The competition is organised by the Further Mathematics Support Programme and is free to schools/colleges registered with the FMSP. Schools can register with the FMSP at any time by going to Registration.

The students said:

"The best round was the hexagrid, I enjoyed the pace and structure of it!"

"All the rounds were enjoyable and challenging"

The Year 10 Maths Feast is an enjoyable and challenging team competition testing mathematical, team-working and communication skills. Each year the format of the competition changes slightly so that the rounds remain interesting and exciting.

The Maths Feast for 2018 has finished. We will be running the competition again in 2019 and applications to take part will open in the Autumn.

In the meantime…

Run your own 'Summer Snacks' in your school!

Use the 2018 materials to enrich your students by running your own competition! The Maths Feast is designed for teams of 4 students – but you could adapt this for your own classes. This is a great way to share the enrichment across many students! Why not get sixth formers to act as the team markers? This is a great opportunity for your 11-16 students to find out about studying maths after GCSE and for the sixth formers to gain useful experiences to include in UCAS references.

The Summer Snacks Competition

We had 4 fun rounds this year and you can choose to run all of them altogether or to hold the competition over several days during lessons to find your overall school champions. This is also great preparation for Year 9 students to get them ready to take part in the inter-school competition next year!

We can provide you with materials free of charge (subject to availability), to run the event in your own school and, if you are a state school who is going to be working with 40 or more students, we may also be able to provide a representative from the FMSP to run the event on an agreed date (subject to local capacity).

How to apply

To take advantage of this offer, please complete this googleform. If you want to run it on your own, be reassured that the instructions are clear and complete and we will send you materials as soon as we can. If you want to have some support from one of our representatives, we will get in contact with you to arrange a mutually agreeable date.

For general enquiries please email [email protected].

or call 01225 716492

or write to:

Year 10 Maths Feast
MEI Office
Monckton House
Epsom Centre
White Horse Business Park
BA14 0XG

For past competition material please visit Year 10 past materials