Year 10 Maths Feast

2018 Maths Feast is now open for bookings!

We are happy to be hosting the Maths Feast events below. It is possible that extra events may be added, but all events are likely to fill up, so please book early via the booking form.

You will be contacted to confirm your place at the event or, if it is full, you will be offered a different Feast in a similar area if possible, or placed on a waiting list. If you wish to take two teams, please indicate this on the registration form and if space allows, this will be confirmed closer to the time of the Feast.

Please note that all teams must be accompanied by a responsible adult usually a teacher or teaching assistant, however in the case of a second team this person could be a sixth former. This adult will be supervising and marking a team from a different school during the competition.

An exciting competition for students in year 10 testing mathematical, communication and teamwork skills.

The competition is organised by the Further Mathematics Support Programme and is free to schools/colleges registered with the FMSP. Schools can register with the FMSP at any time by going to Registration.

The students said:

"The best round was relay, I enjoyed the pace and structure of it!"

"Four in a row was fun and fast paced. Had to work together and rely on teammates"

"All the rounds were enjoyable and challenging"

The Year 10 Maths Feast is an enjoyable and challenging team competition testing mathematical, team-working and communication skills. Each year the format of the competition changes slightly so that the rounds remain interesting and exciting.

Information about the Feasts

There are no heats or finals so participants can take the materials back to their schools and use them for other students in their classes to enrich and extend their learning. Perhaps the best way of using these materials is to ask participating students to run the rounds with their classes!

Each team consists of four students in Year 10 working together on a set of problems. They must be accompanied by a member of staff, whose role is to supervise a team from a different school and mark rounds with the answers provided.

There are several rounds requiring different skills and strategies for success.

  • Each event lasts approximately 2-3 hours. This may vary slightly between venues
  • Students are encouraged to work as a team or in pairs and only occasionally as individuals
  • Questions include both recreational mathematics and some of a more traditional nature
  • Calculators and equipment such as rulers and protractors are not permitted
  • Awards will be given for best teamwork and the winning team of each round.
  • We have designed the Maths Feast to support students in developing their problem solving skills. For this reason we are not giving details of the rounds in this Feast although practice materials are available to schools to use if they wish.

    The most important skills we want students to demonstrate in the Feast are those of team work, communication, reacting positively to a new situation and applying previous knowledge to solve problems - Good luck and Bon Appetit!

    For general enquiries please email [email protected].

    or call 01225 716492

    or write to:

    Year 10 Maths Feast
    MEI Office
    Monckton House
    Epsom Centre
    White Horse Business Park
    BA14 0XG

    For past competition material please visit Year 10 past materials


    Region      Date       Start Time Venue Spaces/Full Info file
    EE27/02/201815:00Thomas Deacon AcademySpacesInfo
    EE01/03/201816:00Barnwell Middle SchoolSpacesInfo
    EE01/03/201810:00The John Warner SchoolSpacesInfo
    EE05/03/201814:00Roundwood Park SchoolFullInfo
    EE07/03/201816:00King Edwards VI Grammar SchoolFullInfo
    EE08/03/201816:00St Benedict's Catholic SchoolFullInfo
    EE08/03/201815:00All Saints' AcademySpacesInfo
    EE13/03/201810:00Springwood High SchoolSpacesInfo
    EE21/03/201816:00Kesgrave High SchoolSpacesInfo
    EM05/03/201812:30Sir Christopher Hatton AcademySpacesInfo
    EM09/03/201813:00Ormiston Maritime AcademySpacesInfo
    EM13/03/201811:00Kesteven & Grantham Girls' SchoolSpacesInfo
    EM14/03/201811:00North Kesteven AcademySpacesInfo
    London07/03/201813:00Raynes Park High SchoolSpacesInfo
    London14/03/201813:00Norlington School & Sixth FormFullInfo
    NE28/02/201813:00Teesside UniversitySpacesInfo
    NE20/03/201813:00Sjovoll Centre, DurhamSpacesInfo
    NE18/04/201813:00King Edward VI High SchoolSpacesInfo
    NW05/03/201810:00Oldham Sixth Form CollegeSpacesInfo
    NW06/03/201810:00Great Hall, Sackville Street Building, ManchesterFullInfo
    NW07/03/201810:00Great Hall, Sackville Street Building, ManchesterSpacesInfo
    NW19/03/201810:30Blackpool Sixth Form CollegeFullInfo
    NW20/03/201813:30Cardinal Newman 6th Form CollegeSpacesInfo
    NW21/03/201814:00King David High SchoolFullInfo
    NW22/03/201813:00Bishops Bluecoat CE High SchoolSpacesInfo
    NW27/03/201811:30St Joseph's RC High School, WorkingtonSpacesInfo
    NW18/04/201814:00County South Lecture Theatre, Lancaster UniversitySpacesInfo
    NW19/04/201810:30Burnley CollegeSpaces
    SE27/02/201810:00Maidstone Grammar School for GirlsFullInfo
    SE27/02/201809:30Rainham School for GirlsSpacesInfo
    SE28/02/201816:15King Alfred's AcademySpacesInfo
    SE02/03/201809:30Ratton SchoolSpacesInfo
    SE06/03/201812:30Worthing CollegeSpacesInfo
    SE06/03/201813:00Cobham HallSpacesInfo
    SE07/03/201813:15Edgbarrow SchoolSpacesInfo
    SE07/03/201810:00Horndean Technology CollegeSpacesInfo
    SE08/03/201809:30Sir William Ramsay School - Buckinghamshire Upper Schools ONLYSpacesInfo
    SE09/03/201809:30Thomas TallisSpacesInfo
    SE14/03/201809:30CATS CanterburySpacesInfo
    SE15/03/201809:30Ifield Community CollegeFullInfo
    SE15/03/201813:00Milton Keynes AcademySpacesInfo
    SE16/03/201810:00Langley Grammar SchoolSpacesInfo
    SE16/03/201812:00Sandown Bay AcademySpacesInfo
    SE19/03/201814:00Queen Mary's CollegeSpacesInfo
    SE22/03/201814:00George Abbot SchoolSpacesInfo
    SE22/03/201816:15Wheatley Park SchoolSpacesInfo
    SW28/02/201809:30Mangotsfield SchoolFullInfo
    SW01/03/201809:30Dean AcademySpacesInfo
    SW02/03/201810:30UTC PlymouthSpacesInfo
    SW05/03/201809:30Pate's Grammar SchoolSpacesInfo
    SW06/03/201809:00Commonweal SchoolSpacesInfo
    SW08/03/201810:30Newquay Tretherras SchoolSpacesInfo
    SW09/03/201810:30The Met OfficeFullInfo
    SW16/03/201809:30South Wilts UTCSpacesInfo
    SW20/03/201809:30The Blandford SchoolSpacesInfo
    SW21/03/201809:30Sir John Colfox SchoolSpacesInfo
    WM27/02/201809:45Lucton SchoolFullInfo
    WM28/02/201813:45De Ferrers AcademySpacesInfo
    WM06/03/201809:30Telford Conference CentreFullInfo
    WM07/03/201810:00Keele UniversitySpacesInfo
    WM09/03/201810:00Hillcrest School, BirminghamFullInfo
    WM14/03/201810:00Learning Centre, Redhill SchoolSpacesInfo
    WM14/03/201809:30Myton SchoolSpacesInfo
    WM27/03/201810:00University of Wolverhampton, City CampusSpacesInfo
    WM28/03/201809:00Cardinal Newman SchoolSpacesInfo
    YH06/03/201812:30Horizon Community CollegeSpacesInfo
    YH07/03/201813:00Winifred Holtby SchoolSpacesInfo
    YH12/03/201813:00Bootham SchoolSpacesInfo
    YH13/03/201813:00Horsforth SchoolSpacesInfo
    YH15/03/201813:00University of SheffieldFullInfo
    YH15/03/201813:00Trinity AcademySpacesInfo
    YH20/03/201813:00Horbury AcademySpacesInfo
    YH21/03/201813:00Dixons McMillan AcademySpacesInfo
    YH23/03/201810:00Yorkshire Coast CollegeSpacesInfo