Maths Hubs

The Maths Hubs Programme is a government initiative to develop and spread excellent practice in mathematics education. There is a national network of 35 hubs, locally led by an outstanding school or college and facilitated by the NCETM. The Maths Hubs website is at

Working with Maths Hubs

One of the key aims of the Maths Hubs Programme is to increase post-16 participation in mathematics, an aim that is shared by FMSP. To help to achieve this aim, each Maths Hub works in partnership with FMSP to enhance and add-value to the existing activities of FMSP and extend the reach of these activities, particularly to those schools who may not already be engaging with FMSP or which do not currently offer Further Mathematics as part of their A Level provision.

The national leadership of the FMSP, Maths Hubs and NCETM work together to ensure that support for Level 3 mathematics is coordinated and complementary.

The shared goals of Maths Hubs and the FMSP are:

  • raising participation in Level 3 mathematics post-16;
  • supporting improvement in Level 3 mathematics teaching;
  • increasing the numbers of schools and colleges able to offer a viable Level 3 mathematics curriculum, including Further Mathematics and Core Maths;
  • raising girls’ participation in Level 3 mathematics;
  • improving the preparation of students for the mathematical and statistical aspects of higher education or vocational training.

Each Maths Hub has appointed a Level 3 Mathematics Lead whose role is to coordinate support for Level 3 mathematics for the hub area. The Level 3 Mathematics Lead is responsible for overseeing hub workgroups which focus on increasing participation and improving provision for Core Maths, AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. FMSP Area Coordinators and Associates work collaboratively with the hub’s Level 3 Mathematics Lead to coordinate support for Level 3 mathematics. In some hubs the Area Coordinator is also a member of the Maths Hub’s strategic board.

Events for teachers and students that the FMSP provides for schools and colleges are promoted and sometimes delivered in partnership with the Maths Hubs. Through this partnership work with Maths Hubs, the FMSP is able to ensure that more students and teachers have access to local support for studying Further Mathematics, support for preparing for STEP/AEA/MAT examinations, enrichment and teacher professional development.

Andy Tharratt is the FMSP Central Coordinator who oversees liaison between the FMSP, the NCETM and the Maths Hubs. [email protected]