Mathematics Degrees

Further Mathematics

Studying A level Further Mathematics is excellent preparation for a degree in Mathematics. Many university mathematics departments encourage students to take Further Mathematics at A level as it introduces a wider range of pure and applied content, such as matrices and complex numbers. Students who have studied Further Mathematics often find the transition to university far more straightforward. Some leading universities now specify Further Mathematics as an entry requirement for their mathematics degrees.

33% of Mathematics BSc degree courses mention Further Mathematics in their entry requirements, including it in their A level offers or encouraging students to take it if possible. For those universities in the Russell Group, this proportion rises to approximately 60% (August 2016).

STEP and AEA Mathematics

In addition to A level grades some universities also require students to pass Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP) or an Advanced Extension Award (AEA) in Mathematics. Currently the universities requiring STEP/AEA qualifications for their mathematics degrees are:

Some other universities encourage students to take these papers and may include STEP or AEA in their offers, for example:

Oxford University and Imperial College require students to sit the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT). This is taken in November prior to selecting candidates to invite for interviews.

For further details on how to prepare for these examinations go to STEP, AEA and MAT courses.