National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

The NCETM is a DfEā€“funded programme to raise levels of achievement in mathematics, and to increase appreciation of the power and wonder of mathematics, across the school, sixth form college and further education system. The NCETM tries to ensure that all mathematics teachers have easy access to high quality, evidence-based, mathematics-specific continuing professional development (CPD) at every point of their careers.

Teachers are encouraged to register with the NCETM. Registration is free of charge and there are over 250,000 registered users. Support includes, articles, resources linked to the National Curriculum, news and updates, and self-evaluation tools.

The NCETM also promotes the provision of high quality, mathematics-specific CPD, through the NCETM CPD Standard. Schools and colleges know that CPD providers holding the Standard have passed a rigorous quality-assurance process.

The NCETM leads and coordinates the Maths Hubs Programme.

Working with the NCETM

The FMSP is managed by Mathematics for Education and Industry (MEI) and MEI is part of a consortium with Tribal Education which manages the NCETM. MEI/NCETM colleagues work closely with the FMSP central team to ensure that support for the uptake and teaching of AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics is coordinated. In particular the FMSP works in partnership with the Maths Hub Programme to support teachers and students.

The FMSP and the NCETM developed the Advanced Mathematics Professional Development Lead Development and Accreditation Programme to support colleagues who design and lead advanced mathematics professional development opportunities for others. The Advanced Maths PDLDA course is for teachers of advanced mathematics based in schools or colleges that are partners to a Maths Hub. For further information about this course and the accreditation process contact Andy Tharratt [email protected].

The FMSP holds the NCETM CPD standard and all of the FMSP Central Team and Area Coordinators are accredited PD leads.