Live Online Tuition

In circumstances where it is not practical to arrange face-to-face tuition, the FMSP can provide live online tutorials and teaching sessions for Further Mathematics. The online tuition is arranged through your school/college.

Key features:

  • Students are assigned to a small online teaching group;
  • Teaching takes places via the internet at flexible times and locations;
  • The online teaching platform, allows for audio alongside straightforward whiteboard work and slide presentations;
  • Communication between the tutor and student in the online classroom is possible via keyboard, microphone and headset and through handwritten mathematics using a graphics tablet;
  • In addition the tutor and students can work together using any mathematics-relevant software, such as spreadsheets and graph plotters;
  • The sessions are followed up with additional exercises and support from the tutor. Students have access to extensive, purpose-written online resources to support self-study.

The FMSP Student Guide gives more detailed information.

Comments from students

Here are some comments from students who have been learning through Blackboard Collaborate:

“ … a great tutor who has helped me greatly throughout the course and has responded quickly to any further questions that I have had. It has been an enjoyable experience and it has been very helpful.”

“At first I thought it would be difficult to understand work learning it off a screen, but it actually helps to focus your concentration.”

“ I would like to express my thanks as the lessons have helped my maths skills greatly and shall prove most helpful once I receive my results.”

“The online classroom has allowed me to study for a course that I would not otherwise have been able to. The system is great … and the microphones, whiteboard and application sharing mean the students can experience classroom style interaction with teachers and students that may be hundreds of miles away.”