Professional Development Videos

The FMSP has worked alongside teachers and students in a variety of schools and colleges to produce sets of videos to support teachers by providing ideas for how overarching themes and technology can be incorporated into AS and A level lessons for Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Sample video

The sample video below is the first video in the Reasoning and Proof section. This video focusses on introducing students to mathematical argument and aims to help them to begin to understand the level of rigour required to demonstrate proof in mathematics.

In the new linear AS and A levels, for first teaching from September 2017, there is more emphasis on problem solving, reasoning and modelling, and a requirement for the use of technology to permeate teaching and learning.

Each of the topics listed on the left hand side of this webpage consists of 5 videos which are approximately five minutes long. Each video captures an example of classroom activity or discussion which is designed to focus on a different theme, though more than one theme may be evident in each video.


The FMSP are very interested in your feedback on these resources. After you have viewed one or more of the videos we would be grateful if you would fill in this short online feedback form. Thank you.

Using the Videos

Individual Teachers

Our aim is that these sets of videos will give teachers a helpful resource for their individual professional development and also provide a focus for collaborative reflection and discussion with colleagues. We hope that viewing the videos may also give teachers ideas and inspiration to use in their classroom. For each video there are

  • 3 or 4 questions for reflection while viewing the video
  • related resources including some suggestion for lesson planning
  • In Departments

    To use these videos as part of a programme fo departmental Professional development please go to Using the videos