Core Prerequisites for Studying Further Mathematics

Prerequisites for studying the second year of Further Mathematics (legacy)

The content of the Further Pure 1 module is similar for all specifications and has been selected to introduce new and interesting pure content that does not require students to have already studied the whole of the AS Core. Students can begin studying FP1 at the start of year 12.

The content of the FP2 and FP3 modules is different depending on the specification followed. In addition many of the further pure topics require students to have covered all the AS Core and parts of the C3 and C4 modules.

Schools and colleges that are teaching a group with a mix of single maths and further maths students need to consider carefully the order in which topics in C3 and C4 are covered in order that the further maths students can begin studying FP2 and/or FP3 in year 13 before all of C3 and C4 have been covered.

Support materials

The following documents have been produced to assist teachers in planning schemes of work for Further Mathematics courses where students are required to begin studying the Further Pure Modules, FP2 and FP3, at the same time as being taught C3 and C4.

The tables in the documents list the content of FP2 and FP3 for the each specification. Alongside are details of the specific topics from the pure modules C3 and C4 that should have been covered prior to teaching each of the sections in FP2 or FP3. It is assumed that students will have already completed the modules C1, C2 and FP1 before starting either FP2 or FP3.

The Dependency Mapping diagrams are an attempt to provide a reference for teachers to help plan an order of teaching that integrates teaching content in C3 and C4 with content in either FP2 or FP3.

For further help with planning a suitable scheme of work, contact your local FMSP Area Coordinator.

Core 3/4 for A2 Further Pure: Videos

The FMSP has produced some videos to support students covering the material from Core 3/4 required for A2 Further Pure. These are available at: