Problem Solving Competition

Win a signed copy of Simon Singh's "The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets"

Can you answer these simple questions?

Itmf zgynqd ue ftudfk fia ecgmdqp egnfdmof fiqxhq?

Fape flnkq xln rze ji xln tnkejukjzq zkzwzc vdnpmzq yx ijiezzc?

Wb gdv raarxyj pljqj rxqijaq wx rqzjxowxy daoja, ilrp brkdvq krpljkrpwzwrx irq fdax dx plwq orpj?

Each line needs to be decoded using a different code. Download the entire problem using the link below.


  • You must be in Years 7 to 11 to enter
  • You can access the problem here
  • You can access the answer sheet here
  • You need to submit the completed answer sheet; make sure it contains your name and school so we can contact you if you win
  • You only need the final answer for a chance to win
  • Entries must be received by 30th March 2018
  • If more than one correct entry is received then the winner will be drawn from a hat on the 2nd April
  • The winner will be notified in April via their teacher
  • To enter

  • Entries must be emailed to [email protected] to be received by 30th March 2018
  • Entrants must include their name and school
  • Entries can be submitted electronically from a teacher’s email account as long as it is clear which student has submitted each answer
  • Entries can be posted to: Problem Solving Competition, FMSP, Monckton House, White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge, BA14 0XG to arrive by 30th March 2018
  • Each student may only enter this competition once
  • Students must be in school years 7 to 11 when the entry is submitted