Promoting Further Mathematics

Students who enjoy mathematics and who plan to study AS/A level Mathematics in year 12 should have the opportunity to consider studying AS/A level Further Mathematics.

Similarly, students in year 12 who decide they want to study for a degree in a mathematically-rich subject area such as engineering, science, computing, finance/economics, and mathematics itself, should also have the opportunity of AS Further Mathematics in year 13.

Schools and colleges can help provide information and raise awareness about the benefits of studying A level Further Mathematics. The FMSP can support schools and colleges to promote the uptake of Further Mathematics.

Advantages of studying Further Mathematics

Students need to be made aware of the advantages that studying Further Mathematics can give them.

The following are some successful strategies used by schools/colleges to generate interest and enthusiasm, and boost recruitment for Further Mathematics.

  • Displays highlighting careers making use of Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Please see our Careers page for more information.
  • Providing information about degree courses in mathematically-rich subjects where Further Mathematics is essential or highly desirable. Please see our Universities section for more information about entry requirement.
  • Extending and enriching the GCSE Mathematics curriculum. For example, offering AQA level 2 certificate in Further Mathematics or OCR FSMQ Level 3 Additional Mathematics alongside the study of GCSE Mathematics introduces students to more advanced topics and helps to build their confidence and enthusiasm for mathematics.
  • Organising and/or attending enrichment events and activities helps to generate interest in mathematics and provides students with information about careers and progression to university. The FMSP organises a variety of enrichment events for Key Stage 4 students across the country. Please see our Enrichment page for more information or look at the enrichment events listed for your region.

  • Your local FMSP Area Coordinator organises enrichment events for students designed to promote the study of Mathematics and Further Mathematics post-GCSE. If your school is registered with the FMSP then you will receive information about these events. It may also be possible to arrange for someone to come to your school/college to speak to your students. Please contact your local FMSP Area Coordinator if you would like to discuss this.

    For a list of reasons for students to study Further Mathematics, please see the Why study Further Maths? page.

    Promoting Mathematics

    It is common for parents and carers to inquire at school and college Open Days about the A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics qualifications. The FMSP has produced a Why Study Mathematics Presentation for teachers to use at open evenings and promotional events. There is a set of Accompanying Notes for the presentation with background data to assist the presenter.

    For free leaflets and posters to help you to promote Further Mathematics to your students, please go to the Resources section - Promoting Further Mathematics.


    Below are some promotional videos that your students might find interesting

    Why choose Further Mathematics?

    This video highlights how exciting and valuable studying Further Mathematics is. The video was commissioned by Mathematics in Education and Industry and created by EBC Education Ltd.

    Where Further Mathematics can take you

    The video below highlights exciting careers that are available to people who study Further Mathematics. The video was commissioned by Man Group plc, coordinated by MEI/FMSP and produced by Fat Rat Films.

    Note these videos are best viewed in High Definition. You can view the video in this format by clicking the play button (at the bottom left) and then the '360p' button (changing it to 720p) which appears further along that bottom selection bar.

    Video Download

    You can also download these videos (as seen above hosted on the MEI YouTube Channel), so that you can run it on a computer that is not connected to the internet. Please click

  • Further Mathematics to download it in .wmv format, in a zipped folder.
  • Where Further Mathematics can take you to download it in .mov format, in a zipped folder.
  • Note each video is 50MB in size so they may take a little time to download!