STMC Training Resources for Schools

The resources on this page have been developed to allow schools to introduce the Senior Team Maths Challenge to their students.

The resources consist of:

  • A presentation which explains how the STMC works
  • A mini competition
  • Solutions and advice

Students should become familiar with the rules of the competition, develop strategies for improving their score on each round of the competition and experience the fun of tackling challenging mathematics problems as part of a team.

The format of each round is explained and students then get an opportunity to attempt a shorter version of each round.

In the actual competition the rounds consist of:

  • Group Round - 40 minutes - 10 questions - 60 points in total
  • Cross Number Round - 40 minutes - approx. 60 squares - 60 points in total
  • Shuttle Round x 4 - 8 minutes each - 15 points each

  • The mini-STMC has the same 3 rounds but reduced in size:

  • Mini Group Round - 5 questions in 20 minutes - 30 points
  • Mini Cross Number - 32 digits to find in 20 minutes - 32 points
  • Mini Shuttle Round - 2 shuttles of 4 questions - 8 minutes each - 30 points

  • The files can be downloaded here:

    Mini Group Round
    Mini Cross Number
    Mini Shuttle Round
    Mini STMC Supervisors Booklet

    There are two additional training crossnumbers providing practice for the crossnumber round.

    All the papers for past competitions from 2007 onwards can be found on the Past Materials Page. These are an excellent resource for further practice.

    Should you require advice about running the competition in your school please contact your Area Coordinator whose contact details are on the regional pages or email Paul Chillingworth.


    Are you allowed to use a dictionary if your first language is not English?
    Yes, the team may bring a paper dictionary to help with translation. The glossary is provided to indicate the sorts of mathematical terms that it is assumed teams will know.

    Can we have a team with year 11 students in it?
    Yes, there is only a limit of two students in year 13 per team.

    When and where is the competition?
    The Heats will be held in schools and universities in November and early December on dates that are set by the local organizers and the Final is in London on 5th February 2019. Details of the heats are published in July on the AMSP website.

    How do we apply?
    Application forms are sent to all schools/colleges on the UKMT mailing list.

    What is the mathematical content of the competition?
    For the Heats, only a knowledge of GCSE Mathematics is required.

    For further information please refer to the UKMT website