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The Further Mathematics Support Programme - Quotes from students

The modern world is increasingly ‘high-tech’ and a successful modern economy needs well-qualified young engineers, scientists and mathematicians. These fields all require a high level of mathematical skills.

The Further Mathematics Support Programme can enable you to study Further Mathematics A/AS qualifications, even when they are not offered directly by your school/college.

Mathematical ability is a priceless asset - if you have it, make the most of it!

Quotes from students

Zulfi Khan
Due to the increasing difficulty of gaining university offers for Mathematics without having done Further Maths, I found myself in a position where I had to do the whole A-level within a year. The experience was really enjoyable for me - I got to choose modules which I found interesting (mechanics!) and had an easy time learning over the Elluminate platform with a really good tutor. The resources available to me were helpful, and I found myself able to bug my tutor over email whenever I needed further assistance, and so I definitely felt well supported. The experience of Further Maths will also provide you with knowledge and skills that spill over to other A-levels such as Maths and Physics, which means I offer nothing but a high recommendation.
Yong Jin Jeong

I was very excited when I started the A-level course at my new school and was looking forward to learning the new area of advanced mathematics.

Since my school did not provide the further mathematics lessons, my maths teacher put me in a touch with the FMSP. In year 12, I had an after school session for further mathematics lessons. I managed to finish the whole A-level mathematics and further mathematics with A grades, but I chose to study extra further mathematics modules in year 13.

It’s been a privilege to have studied mathematics with the FMSP. Learning a high level mathematics with accomplished tutors was very enjoyable and all tutors have highly qualified skills and dedication. I have gained in confidence and experience through the lesson with the FMSP tutors. I feel more confident that I can perform well at the university.

Varunjay Ahluwalia
This course has been really beneficial to me, not least because it gave me the opportunity to learn Further Maths which was unfortunately unavailable to me at my college and also that it has enabled me to achieve a higher standard in Maths. It is different from other methods because it depends on self-study rather than taking notes in class. The MEI site has been particularly helpful as students can access it at any time and of course my tutor has always been available to help and assist.
Tom Fowler
Regarding the studying of A-level further maths through the further maths network, it has simply made it possible for us to do further maths when it would otherwise have been very difficult. Without the centre, i don't feel we would've had the motivation and support (that we didn't realise we needed until it was provided), that has enabled us to complete a difficult module outside of school, in a short space of time, and be well on the way towards completing another two modules. Studying further modules through the centre has also helped to support and encourage our progress through A-level maths, and for one of us has made a place at university possible. I can also see that it would be very beneficial for someone struggling with A-level maths, and needing a bit of extra support in some units.
Rosa Rajendran
I contacted the FM network when I moved to college and realised the college didn't offer further maths. As I was hoping to apply to universities which preferred further maths, the FM network was a life-saver in terms of the support and teaching that it offered. The online resources were fantastic, and I was put in touch with tutors who truly cared about my studies and how I was progressing - something which is very difficult to find in most schools! With the FM network's help, I completed 6 modules of Further Maths, gaining an A in each module, and in the process gaining offers to study Maths at universities including Cambridge, LSE and Imperial. The A-level was important not only in helping me to get into university - but now I am actually at university, I realise how beneficial it is to my course. If you are thinking of applying to study Mathematics at university, studying further maths at A-level is definitely worth all the hard work!
Robert Day
I joined my school’s Further Maths class by chance, a few weeks into Year 12; I saw FM mentioned on a university prospectus and asked my Statistics teacher about it, who put me in touch with the after-school class. It’s been an excellent experience, introducing me to some more interesting mathematics, and learning more advanced calculus and trigonometry has also made my regular Maths stronger.
Despite only having an hour a week of teaching, this hasn't been a problem; the main difference is that practice exercises are mostly done at home rather than in class. I'll be taking Further Maths A2 next year, and will apply for Maths and Philosophy at Oxford this October.
Luo Yu Wei
Having done full Further Mathematics A-level in one year, I found it is a really challenging course. It is not easy, I have to say; but it is a really good way of improving your way of thinking. If you want to prove that you have more talent than other students, do it, and you will find your way of proving yourself!
Lily Gibbs
I enjoyed the course and it helped consolidate my decision to study maths at university. The distance learning taught me study skills which proved helpful in the transition from school to university and in some respects I felt better prepared for independent study than students who had been able to take further maths at their own schools. Its structure mirrors quite closely the lecture-tutorial system at some universities. The universities to which I applied were interested in and impressed by my participation in the course. It helped to develop my understanding of the subject, as well as my belief in my own ability and gave me the self confidence to make my successful application to Oxford. I would recommend it to anyone.

Lewis Cameron

I am just getting back in touch to say THANK YOU for all the help you gave last year, I have used everything you taught me more than I ever thought I would in my uni maths course so far. We've done first order differentials, De Moivres, polar co-ordinates and basically everything else we did for FP2 and M2! I have no idea how people who haven't done it before are keeping up.

I’m studying Physics with Astrophysics, and the first year compulsory maths modules (Maths 1 and 2) are basically FP1 and FP2 with a little added. Also, the core physics module has mechanics and is basically M1, M2 and M3 so any combination of maths modules at A-level is helpful. Thanks again.

Lance Mao
This year I have completed an AS Further Mathematics course with the FMSP as my school was unable to timetable the course. There were 12 students in my group. When I first started my tuition, I was sceptical about the reduced contact hours that I would have with my FMSP tutor; in school I had Maths lessons daily, I only had one Further Maths lesson a week. Therefore I was genuinely unsure of whether I could achieve a good grade in the Further Maths module exams. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Our tutor made each lesson truly intriguing. And above all, she made us understand each topic. Once we understood the topic, it was easy to go home and do the questions. In the exams I achieved above 95% in all my modules, and Further Maths was actually the subject I did best at, even better than normal maths. My advice to you if you are applying to University (especially as applications are now so competitive) is that Further Maths will make you shine through the crowd. I am now ready to make my application to Cambridge, and having done Further Maths, I feel confident.
Katie Liew
I initially joined the Further Maths Network after researching my university course, specifically admissions, and noticing that the majority of universities highly recommended it to be taken at A level. Already nearing the end of my first year of A levels, and not wanting to be at a disadvantage when I started university, I began the AS level in my second year of sixth form. I took it alongside the second year core modules and found it proved imperative to the speedy development of my calculus skills, consolidating what I had learnt in my regular lessons.

The Further Maths Network was very supportive throughout the course of my study, providing out of class help, email correspondence when needed and organising some helpful module specific revision days.

Like most who have taken Further Maths through the network, I found it highly rewarding and worthwhile as it is an impressive and valueable qualification to hold.
Jenny Kenning
The Further Maths Course was the best thing I did in the Sixth Form. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study Further Maths when I was in year 12 and went on to complete both years of the course. I found that the course not only gave me an advantage over other students when applying for university places but it also really helped my understanding of Maths and made everything on the A Level Maths course seem so much easier. Wednesday afternoons at Warwick Uni were great. I made some great friends through the course who I still speak to regularly. They’re all at uni and are really enjoying it. The Further Maths course is hard work but well worth it.
Jason Xu
The online resources available through the Further Maths Network are very good for revision. They cover most of the important aspects of each individual module and the questions are very helpful to practise your knowledge.
James Thompson
Due to the great distance between Formby and Manchester, not many lessons could be arranged. At first I thought that this may be a problem but I was mistaken. The teachers were great. In just one visit I would be taught what would have taken weeks in a normal class. The availability of the teachers to answer questions and help with any problems was also very good. Someone was always available by phone or e-mail whenever I needed them.
Helen Long
Studying Further Maths with the Further Maths Centre has enabled me to expand my mathematical horizon, and I know it will help me to do better at university next year.
Emma Rose
I found doing Further Maths at A level to be extremely beneficial when studying Physics at university. A degree in Physics requires you to have a strong knowledge and understanding of maths, and a Further Maths A level really helps to prepare you for this. In my first year, a two semester long module was spent covering topics that are taught in Further Maths. Those that were not familiar with the higher level of maths had to devote more of their time to learning it, and I noticed that quite a few really struggled. I feel this was because the teaching methods at A level are more interactive and personal, and I imagine it would have been a lot harder to get to grips with the harder maths modules had I been taught them at university. I would strongly recommend doing a Further Maths A level to anybody who plans to take Physics at university - not only because it teaches the mathematical concepts required, but because it is the best environment to learn them in.
David Paine
I took Further Maths because I really enjoyed Maths at GCSE and I found I had a real aptitude for it. It’s been a really rewarding experience and it’s given me a real insight into higher level maths. The Further Maths Network has been really useful in helping me to take Further Maths, as they have provided resources that I found very helpful during homework and revision.

Although we have a single lesson per fortnight, the quality of teaching and the atmosphere in lessons is very good and I feel confident coming up to my exams in a week’s time.
David Burnett
Studying with the Further Maths Centre gave me the chance to take on A-level Further Maths. Now I am waiting to go to Oxford University in the autumn.
Chloe Watts
I have always found Maths a challenging yet fascinating subject and when it came to deciding which AS Levels to take, Further Maths was a natural option for me. Having been told by my college that it was not possible to provide a teacher at my college due to the small number of students that had opted for the subject, I was pleased to still have the opportunity to study Further Maths through the FMSP. At first, I was quite apprehensive about how it would affect my learning however, my mind was put at ease as my tutor was extremely efficient. We managed to thoroughly get through a whole topic per lesson and had the remaining lessons to use online resources and textbooks. Whenever I was unsure of something I was able to contact him via email. Also, he arranged revision sessions during half terms to provide additional support for the group.

From my personal experience, I would say that studying Further Maths has given me a head start in Year 13 and will hopefully still be beneficial when studying at University. Overall, I found my experience of Further Maths with the FMSP very enjoyable and have benefited from becoming a more independent learner which I know is an extremely important skill that I will need next year at university. I highly recommend the FMSP to any college or sixth form who are unable to provide a teacher – the FMSP worked with my college to provide me with the opportunity to study Further Maths.
Blanaid Lane
Further Mathematics was not offered at my school. Although this didn't affect my acceptance to university, I was pleased to hear that I could take an AS Level during my gap year via online tuition. I found these weekly online lessons clear and interesting, and I appreciate the high level of preparation done by my tutors for each lesson. The online resources were immensely useful in guiding my own study and revision; the textbooks were clearly and rigorously written, and used many of the methods and conventions encouraged at university. Having just finished my first term at university, I am rather pleased I could take AS Level FM beforehand: being familiar with material ahead of lectures means that I can complete work ahead of schedule, and the work itself is less daunting.
Alan Vey
Towards the end of Year 12 I started looking at which university I would like to go to. I want to study economics and assumed normal maths was more than enough but when I started looking at the top universities I saw most of them wanted an A* in maths and would prefer an A in further maths as well. I decided to do the whole further maths course in a year so that I would have a good chance at getting into a good university. Managing to do the AS work in the Autumn term was easier than expected. I had online tuition once a week for each of the AS modules and also some A2 lessons once week in my school. The online lessons are very good as they taught me the theory however with the limited time the practice had to be done on my own. The integral website is great for that. It’s got exercises with worked answers, multiple choice tests and topic assessments which the tutors mark. I have now applied to the top five universities for economics and although I didn’t get into my first choice at Cambridge I still have a chance as I am in the pool. I don’t think I would have even had a chance at an interview without further maths on my UCAS form.
Adnan Vohra
FM was the highlight of my day. It was very much enjoyable, and we had a whole load of fun. FM persuaded me to go to university to do Maths, and I am currently at the University of Leicester doing an MMath course. I've just begun my second year, and I found regularly in my first year that aspects of Maths that we'd gone through in FM had come in as priceless during my first year on the degree.
Adam Mooney Nicole Robinson
We decided to study Further Maths through FMSP because our Sixth Form was unable to offer the lessons due to limited demand. The course has been great fun to study and the online aspect to it works brilliantly – matching up to standards in our actual school lessons, despite their reduced frequency! The distance aspect of the course has actually been hugely beneficial in helping us to hone our ability to study independently, knowing that support is close at hand if we need it. It has been a great experience and has helped our university applications to shine above the others.
Abbey Bamford
The Further Maths Centre was incredibly useful for me as an A Level student. Firstly, it provided a more detailed background for the study I would be carrying out at a higher level, thereby making the transition from school to University quite smooth. Aside from this, further maths assisted me in learning the importance of independent study, and how much time, effort and focus it takes to keep a high standard of work when there is a lot happening, academically, at once. Having further maths helped to increase my chances of getting into University to study Maths. I did not necessarily need further maths to get in to any University, but some gave me two grade requirements - one of which specified that, should I obtain an 'A' in Further Maths, I would need less high grades in my other subjects.