How to Support Students with STEP/AEA

For a teacher supporting students to prepare for STEP and AEA examinations it is useful to be able to direct students to appropriate resources.

STEP and AEA questions are longer and less-structured than most A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics examination questions and so students might need some help getting used to this style and gaining confidence to tackle them. Teachers play an important role by modeling how to approach an unstructured problem, offering possible approaches or by simply acting as a sounding board for students to discuss their ideas.

Preparing for STEP and AEA mathematics examinations may provide an opportunity to look again at some mathematical topics in greater depth, identifying links between different areas of the course.

The FMSP provides a series of teacher and student events to support STEP and AEA mathematics and general problem solving.


The FMSP has produced a range of problem-solving materials for post-16 students. In addition the materials for previous STMC team competitions provide useful materials for developing problem-solving skills in mathematics.

More resources for STEP and AEA are available online via registration with the Further Mathematics Support Programme.

Other Sources of Materials

The following websites contain excellent materials for introducing and developing mathematical problem-solving skils: