Teaching Advanced Mathematics (TAM)

The Teaching Advanced Mathematics (TAM) course has been designed to support teachers of GCSE Mathematics who wish to teach A level Mathematics for the first time.  Many teachers with A level teaching experience have enrolled on the course, often on the recommendation of colleagues who have completed TAM, to deepen their subject knowledge and gain new ideas for teaching.

The course provides a wide range of features including 8 study days spread across the year, free access to online teaching resources, access to live and recorded online sessions, course textbooks, two school visits, support in developing expertise in Mechanics/Statistics, and email support from dedicated course tutors.

The 8 study days have a combination of:

  • subject knowledge sessions where the focus is on deepening participants’ understanding of mathematics;
  • example lessons where the focus is on pedagogy;
  • facilitated reflections on these sessions.

The Department for Education funded TAM course will be delivered at seven locations across the country in 2017-18.  The TAM course is also is available with Masters, delivered in partnership with the University of Cambridge, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Warwick.  DfE bursaries are offered for both of these courses.

Teachers of A level mathematics at state-funded schools in England are now able to apply for the TAM course and the TAM with Masters course.

Full details of all versions of the TAM courses, including a table that summarises the key similarities and differences between the courses, and answers to frequently asked questions, are available on the TAM course page on the MEI website.