Teaching Mechanics

Teaching Mechanics (TM) is a professional development course for teachers wishing to develop their own subject knowledge and classroom practice. There are two separate units, TM1 and TM2. TM1 covers the mechanics content in A level Mathematics. TM2 covers the mechanics content in A level Further Mathematics.

    The course aims to enable participants to:

    • gain a deep understanding of the principles of mechanics;
    • develop skills with mathematical modelling and problem solving;
    • develop confidence with incorporating practical work within mathematics teaching;
    • improve subject knowledge and build on pedagogical skills;
    • link topics in mechanics with other areas of mathematics.

    Course Structure

    TM provides an opportunity for sustained professional development. TM is a blended course which comprises dedicated web-based learning resources, scheduled live online tutorials and face-to-face study days in London or Coventry. For TM1 starting in January 2019, study days will also be held in Leeds.

    The course consists of two separate units:
    Teaching Mechanics 1 (TM1)
    Teaching Mechanics 2 (TM2)

    Each unit is scheduled over a half-year period. The content of TM1 is a prerequisite for TM2. Some participants study TM1 followed by TM2. Applicants with sufficient prior knowledge of the TM1 content may elect to study only TM2.

    Who should apply?

    TM is designed for teachers who are currently teaching A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics, or who wish to teach it at some point in the near future. Suitable applicants would include:

    • an experienced A level teacher who wishes to learn more about teaching mechanics;
    • an individual, currently not teaching in a school, who wishes to undertake a sustained professional development course to prepare for future employment;
    • a teacher seeking to gain certification that may give them more options in the future;
    • a teacher wanting to develop their own subject knowledge to enable them to confidently and competently teach mechanics;
    • a teacher who has completed the Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) course or the Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM) course or the Teaching Statistics (TS) course or the Teaching Discrete Mathematics (TD) course.

    Course Dates

    TM1 is next scheduled from September 2018 to February 2019
    TM1 will also be scheduled from January 2019 (provisional schedule)
    TM2 will be scheduled from March 2019 (provisional schedule)

    Course Fees

    The fee for TM1 is £300.
    The fee for TM2 is £300.
    Teachers working in state-funded schools or colleges in England are eligible to have their course fees fully reimbursed on completion of their course.
    Teachers working in AMSP Priority Areas qualify for a £300 subsidy in addition to their course fee reimbursement.
    Please see the frequently asked questions for more details.


    Applications for TM1 (starting in September 2018) are now open.
    Note that the London study days are now fully booked, but spaces are still available at the Coventry study days.
    Please submit an online application if you wish to apply for a place on this course and are able to attend the two study days in Coventry.

    Stages in the application and enrolment process
    Frequently asked questions

    Applications for TM1 (starting in January 2019) and TM2 (starting in March 2019) will be open later in the year. Please submit an expression of interest if you wish to be alerted when applications open for these courses.

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    If you would like more information about the courses please contact [email protected], TM Course Leader.