Teaching Statistics

Teaching Statistics (TS) is a professional development course starting in September 2016 for teachers wishing to develop their own subject knowledge and classroom practice. There will be two modules, TS1 and TS2. TS1 will cover the statistics content in the new A level Mathematics. TS2 will cover the statistics content that is likely to be included in the new Further Mathematics; more details will be available later.

The TS1 course aims to enable participants:

  • to gain a deep understanding of statistics as a problem-solving discipline
  • to develop statistical modelling skills
  • to develop confidence in working with real data sets using software
  • to improve statistical subject knowledge
  • to build on existing pedagogical skills

Course Structure

    Teaching Statistics can be studied in two ways:
  • as a Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) certificated professional development course;
  • As part of a Postgraduate Certificate in Post 16 Mathematics Education (PGCertP-16ME), which carries 60 CAT points at Masters level, through the University of Plymouth.The PGCertP-16ME is a qualification in its own right but, once completed successfully, if you wish to continue your studies, these credits can be transferred into the MEd progamme thus allowing you to complete a full Masters in Education.
  • TS1 provides the opportunity for sustained professional development. The course is scheduled over a 6 month period and consists of:

    • two face-to-face study days
    • a series of live, online sessions
    • dedicated web-based teaching and learning resources
    • There are additional study days and support for those undertaking the PG Cert.

    Who should apply?

    TS1 is designed for teachers who are anticipating teaching the statistics content of the new 2017 A Level . You may be:

    • an experienced teacher who wishes to learn more about statistics;
    • someone not currently teaching in a school who wishes to undertake an extensive professional development course to prepare for future employment;
    • seeking to gain a qualification that will give you more options in the future;
    • wanting to develop your own subject knowledge to enable you to confidently and competently teach statistics;
    • a teacher who has completed Teaching Advanced Mathematics (TAM), Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM) or Teaching Mechanics (TM)

    Course information, dates and applications

    For more information about this course, including course fees, please see Course Info

    Information about the Postgraduate Certificate and the Masters programme.

    Applications are currently closed

    If you would like more information about the course please contact Paul Chillingworth.