Entry Requirements for Physics Degrees

All Physics degree courses require A level Mathematics (or an equivalent qualification) for entry.

A small number of courses prefer students to have studied mechanics as part of their A level Mathematics and a similar number encourage students to have studied A level Further Mathematics.
(Whilst we try to maintain up-to-date information about the entry requirements for physics degrees, we strongly recommend visiting the university's own website for the most recent information.)

References to Further Mathematics

Cambridge University

Essential A Level Mathematics, and either Physics or Further Mathematics (with three units of Mechanics)

Useful AS/A Level Further Mathematics

Oxford University

A-levels: A*AA
This should either be A*A in Physics and Mathematics (with the A* in either Physics or Mathematics) plus any other A, or A* in Further Mathematics with AA in Mathematics and Physics.

Candidates are expected to have Physics and Mathematics to A-level, Advanced Higher, or Higher Level in the IB or another equivalent. The inclusion of a Maths Mechanics module would also be highly recommended. Further Mathematics can be helpful to candidates in completing this course, although not required for admission.

Royal Holloway, University of London

Typical offers ask for three grade A’s at A2 level and must include Mathematics and Physics. Additionally, an A* is required in Mathematics for entry to the Mathematics & Physics degree programmes. Any subject may be chosen as the third A level, but preference in final decisions will be given to those studying Further Mathematics, science and other intellectually demanding subjects.

University of Leicester

We ask for three A-levels, including Physics and Mathematics. MPhys (AAB), BSc (ABB) with an A in either Physics or Mathematics.

Further Maths and Extended Project Qualifications
Further Maths and EPQ’s are not a formal requirement for entry onto our course. However, students with a Further Maths A-level or a relevant EPQ often find the transition to University study easier. If you have the opportunity we would certainly encourage you to take Further Maths or an EPQ.

If you narrowly miss your offer we will try to find you a place on the course and, every year, we are able to admit a few students in this position – typically those with the strongest grades in Physics and Mathematics, or those with additional relevant qualifications, for example, Further Maths or an EPQ