Using these videos for departmental PD

It is recognised that effective Professional Development for teachers should include opportunities to work collaboratively with colleagues. Departments or groups of teachers in a school or college may wish to use some of these video resources as part of a departmental meeting or similar development time.

The documents below contain information and an outline plan for how you might use these resources in this context.

FMSP PD Video Club

Each week the FMSP PD Video Club will focus on a single video which will form the basis of Twitter conversation about that aspect of teaching A level Mathematics.

To join in the with the FMSP PD Video Club:

  • Watch the video for the week (identified from the table below)
  • Tweet your comments/thoughts using the hashtag #fmsppdvideoclub
Week commencing Video
Monday 20th November 2017Reasoning and Proof: Introducing mathematical argument, logic and proof
Monday 27th November 2017Problem Solving: Developing students' questioning skills
Monday 4th December 2017Mechanics: Exploring kinematic graphs
Monday 11th December 2017Statistics: Using data to decide whether a statement is true
Monday 22nd January 2018Technology: Using Graphing software 1: Multiple representations
Monday 29th January 2018Reasoning and Proof: Proof by deduction
Monday 5th February 2018Problem Solving: Progressing with questioning skills
Monday 12th February 2018Mechanics: Using physical phenomena: Classroom session and Mechanics: Using physical phenomena: Student reflections
Monday 19th February 2018Statistics: Exploratory data analysis
Monday 26th February 2018Technology: Using Graphing software 2: Dynamic graphing


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