What is Further Mathematics?

Further Mathematics is an AS or A level qualification which both broadens and deepens the mathematics covered in A level Mathematics. Further Mathematics is taken alongside an AS or A level in Mathematics.

See Why study Further Mathematics? for more information about the benefits of taking Further Mathematics.

Further Mathematics from 2017

The information on this page applies to students starting Further Mathematics qualifications in 2015 or 2016. For students who will starting Further Mathematics in 2017 please see: 2017 A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

A level Further Mathematics

For A level Further Mathematics you take 6 additional units, two of which are Further Pure Mathematics units and the other four could be all application units, such as Mechanics, Statistics or Decision Mathematics, or a combination of Further Pure and Applied units.

AS level Further Mathematics

AS level Further Mathematics is designed to be learnt alongside AS level Mathematics in year 12, or taken up as a new AS subject alongside A2 Mathematics in year 13.

For AS level Further Mathematics you take 3 additional units, one of which is a Further Pure Mathematics unit and the other two are often two application units, such as Mechanics, Statistics or Decision Mathematics.

Course Structure for A and AS level Mathematics and Further Mathematics


No. of Units

Core content

Optional content

AS Mathematics


C1 and C2

M1 or S1 or D1

A2 Mathematics


C3 and C4

M1 or S1 or D1 or
M2 or S2 or D2

AS Further Mathematics



2 Applied or Further Pure Units

A2 Further Mathematics


FP2 or FP3

2 Applied or Further Pure Units

The content of units C1-4 and FP1 is very similar across all examination boards. The choice of applied units and other further pure units and their contents varies depending on the examination board. You can check the course structure, choice of available units and topics covered by downloading the relevant specification from the examination board’s website. Ask a teacher at your school or college for information about which specification is currently taught.

A level Further Mathematics specifications